Bluetooth Development

Sense and React to the World Around You

Every Thunderboard comes with a variety of sensors that you can use to prototype - or productize your idea. With the built-in sensors you can scale the complexity of your product. Use one, or all sensors to measure and collect motion, environmental and biometric data. Built-in features include:

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Connect and Visualize

Data points are only fun when you can analyze them, and with the free Thunderboard app you can stream and watch your sensors in action. Depending on which Thunderboard you choose, you can watch orientation, acceleration, speed/distance, temperature/humidity, light UV index, air pressure, sound level, CO2, VOC levels and you can control lights and switches directly. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and the source code is available on GitHub.

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Stream to the Cloud and Analyze

Now that your product has Thunderboard smartness built-in, you can analyze and share your data real-time with the free cloud analysis tool. Like the free app you will be able to see all your data, and you can add alerts, alarms and process it more conveniently. The source code is available for free on GitHub.

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