Get Started with Thunderboard™ React
Step by step on how to order the Thunderboard™, install the app, program and build a car.
Thunderboard™ React Features

    BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module

    • Bluetooth 4.2 compliant
    • Integrated antenna and excellent RF performance
    • Configurable TX power up to +8dBm
    • ARM Cortex M4 core with 32 kB RAM and 256 kB Flash
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • Flexible MCU peripheral interfaces

    Mobile app

    • Mobile app for Android and iOS
    • iOS app implemented in swift
    • Android app implanted in native code
    • Source code available at GitHub

    Mobile app features

    • Beacon notifications
    • View sensor data
    • Control LEDs and detect button pushes
    • Stream sensor data to the cloud

    Cloud streaming

    • Data is stored in Firebase
    • Web frontend is implemented in ReactJS
      • Using Alt.js as the flux implementation
      • D3.js for data driven charts
    • All source code available

    Input and Sensors

    • Si1133 UV Index and Ambient Light Sensor
    • Si7021 Digital relative humidity and temperature sensor
    • Si7201 Hall-effect Magnetic Sensor
    • Invensense MPU-6500 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MotionTracking device
    • 2 Buttons
    • 2 LEDs

The Thunderboard™ React can also be mounted on a miniature derby car.

Get the Car Kit bundle to measure the speed and movements of the car.

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