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Mesh Networking for the Connected Home

Mesh Networking for the Connected Home
Thread is a low-power, secure and scalable IP-based wireless mesh networking protocol based on proven standards. Silicon Labs is a founding board member of the Thread Group with numerous successful customer deployments of mesh networking solutions based on 802.15.4 and ZigBee®.
what is thread

Reliable, Scalable and Upgradeable

Reliable, Scalable and Upgradeable
Built on IPv6 technology with 6LoWPAN as a foundation, Thread provides a self-healing mesh networking solution for over 250 nodes. Silicon Labs supports a software upgrade path to Thread for today’s 802.15.4 and Zigbee devices and a software and hardware development platform for multi-node development, monitoring, debugging and system performance analysis.

Secure, Interoperable, Low-Power

Secure, Interoperable and Low-Power
Thread addresses the growing market need for a secure, IP-based mesh networking solution and provides support for sleepy nodes, allowing years of operation from a single battery.


Mesh Networking SoCs​

Family MCU Core Flash RAM GPIO Output Power Range USB Development Kit Protocol Support
EFR32MG NEW  ARM Cortex-M4 256 kB 32 kB 16-31 -30 to +19.5 dBm No SLWSTK6000A thread protocol     zigbee protocol
EM358x ARM Cortex-M3 512 -256 kB 64 - 32 kB 24 -55 to +8 dBm (boost) Yes EM35x-DEV or EM35x-DEV-IAR thread protocol     zigbee protocol
EM359x ARM Cortex-M3 512 - 256 kB 64 - 32 kB 32 -55 to +8 dBm (boost) Yes EM35x-DEV or EM35x-DEV-IAR thread protocol     zigbee protocol
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