Ultra-Low Power 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontroller ICs

Silicon Labs' 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) families comprise the most advanced, flexible and complete ultra-low-power MCUs in the market. They are optimized to be industry leading across active mode, sleep mode and wake-up time modes. The MCUs feature best in class peripherals and architectural innovations to achieve power reduction within every block of the MCU design, resulting in reduced costs, longer battery life and unparalleled ease of development.

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32-bit Microcontroller Products 

Low Power 32-bit MCUs

The world's most energy-friendly ARM Cortex-M4, M3 & M0+ microcontroller family
8-bit Microcontroller Products 

Low Power 8-bit MCUs

Fast, low-power solutions with fully-integrated analog functionality and peripherals

Ultra-Low Power 32-bit ARM Microcontrollers

Low Power 32-bit MCUsSilicon Labs provides the largest portfolio of energy friendly 32-bit microcontroller products for ultra-low power applications enabling the Internet of Things. The EFM32™ Gecko family includes the energy-efficient devices based on ARM® Cortex®-M4 with Floating Point Unit (FPU), Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0+ processors.

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Family Core​ Flash* RAM* Packages
EFM32 Zero Gecko 24 MHz Cortex-M0+ ​32 kB ​4 kB QFN24, QFN32, QFP48
EFM32 Tiny Gecko 32 MHz Cortex-M3 ​32 kB ​4 kB QFN24, QFN32, QFP48,
BGA48, QFN64, QFP64
EFM32 Gecko 32 MHz Cortex-M3 ​128 kB ​16 kB QFN32, QFP48, QFN64,
QFP64, QFP100, BGA112
EFM32 Leopard Gecko 48 MHz Cortex-M3 ​256 kB ​32 kB QFN64, QFP64, QFP100,
BGA112, BGA120, WLCSP81
EFM32 Giant Gecko 48 MHz Cortex-M3 ​1024 kB ​128 kB QFN64, QFP64, QFP100,
BGA112, BGA120
EFM32 Wonder Gecko 48 MHz Cortex-M4 ​256 kB ​32 kB QFN64, QFP64, QFP100,
BGA112, BGA120, WLCSP81
SiM3L1xx Precision32 50 MHz Cortex-M3 ​256 kB ​32 kB QFN40, QFN64, TQFP64,
* Denotes maximum value in family

Ultra-Low Power 8-bit Microcontrollers

Low Power 8051 MCUsThe C8051F9xx ultra-low power MCU family has been designed from the ground up to be the most power-efficient MCUs in the industry. The F9xx series has the lowest active mode current consumption which saves power when the application is running. It also has the industry’s lowest current consumption in sleep modes, which is often the most common mode in many battery-powered applications.
The Si10xx wireless MCU family is the industry’s lowest power single-chip solution that combines an MCU solution with an integrated sub-GHz RF transceiver. These products are designed to address the specific requirements of low-power embedded systems requiring an RF bidirectional communication link.

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8051 Microcontroller Technology  

8-bit MCU Technology

Top 10 advantages customers can realize by using our mixed-signal 8051 MCUs
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Browse 8-bit Products

Family Core​ Speed Flash* RAM*
C8051F90x-91x 8051 25 MHz 16 kB 0.75 kB
C8051F92x-93x 8051 25 MHz 64kB 4.25 kB
C8051F96x 8051 25 MHz 128 kB 8.25 kB
C8051F97x NEW 8051 25 MHz 32 kB 8 kB
C8051F98x 8051 25 MHz 8 kB 0.5 kB
C8051F99x 8051 25 MHz 8 kB 0.5 kB
Si100x 8051 25 MHz 64 kB 4.25 kB
Si101x 8051 25 MHz 16 kB 0.75 kB
Si102x/3x 8051 25​ MHz 128 kB​ 8.25 kB
* Denotes maximum value in family