Capacitive Touch Sense MCUs

Silicon Labs’ 8- and 32-bit capacitive touch sense microcontrollers (MCUs) enable implementation of touch buttons, sliders, wheels, capacitive proximity sensing and liquid level sensing. Featuring the world’s fastest charge-timing Capacitance to Digital Converter (CDC), excellent sensitivity, no external components and 1.8 V to 3.6 V support, these capacitive touch sense MCUs are ideal for a wide range of industrial and consumer electronics applications that can benefit from system power savings, tamper detection/proofing, motion sensing and gesture interpretation.

Capacitive Touch Sense MCU Products

MCU Family Core​ Switches MIPS* Flash/
RAM* Dig I/O* CDC** Dev Kit
C8051F7xx  8-bit​


25 16 kB 512 54


C8051F8xx  8-bit​ 16 25 16 kB 512 17 CT C8051F800DK
C8051F97x NEW 8-bit​ 43 25 32 kB 8 kB 43 CT C8051F970DK
C8051F99x 8-bit​ 14 25 8 kB 512 17 CT C8051F996DK
SiM3C1xx 32-bit​ 80​ 256 kB​ 32​ kB 65​ SiM3C1xx-DK
SiM3U1xx​ 32-bit​ 80​ 256 kB​ 32 kB​ 65​ SiM3U1xx-DK​
* Denotes maximum value in family
** CT denotes Charge-Timing CDC