C8051F99x Ultra Low Power Touch Sense MCUs​

The C8051F99x family of ultra low power capacitive sensing microcontroller (MCU) devices provide the lowest power and highest sensitivity touch sensing solution for capacitive buttons, sliders, wheels and capacitive proximity sensing.
Architected from the popular C8051F9xx platform, the device combines the industry-leading low power technology of the C8051F9xx family with the fast and accurate capacitive sensing features of the C8051F7xx/8xx families to address fast-growing capacitive touch applications.
C8051F990, F991, F996, F997 touch sense MCUs feature sub micro amp (<1 μA) wake on touch average current consumption, 150 µA/MHz active mode and multiple sleep modes as low as 10 nA. With up to 14 capacitive sensing inputs and a patent-pending charge timing hardware capacitance to digital converter, the C8051F99x family achieves unparalleled touch sensitivity, speed and ultra-low power in packages as small as a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN20.


  • High-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)
  • Industry’s lowest active & sleep currents
  • 150 µA/MHz active mode
  • 10 nA sleep mode
  • 50 nA sleep mode with brown-out protection
  • 300 nA sleep mode with internal oscillator
  • 14 input charge timing capacitance to digital converter
  • 12-bit 75 ksps single-ended ADC
  • 6-bit current reference
  • Precision calibrated 24.5 MHz internal oscillator
  • SmaRTClock oscillator
  • 8 kB of on-chip Flash memory
  • 512 bytes of on-chip RAM
  • Implemented SMBus/I2C, UART and SPI serial interfaces
  • Four general-purpose 16-bit timers
  • Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA)
  • On-chip internal voltage reference
  • On-chip watchdog timer
  • On-chip power-on reset and supply monitor
  • On-chip voltage comparator
  • 17 general purpose I/O
  • In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)


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Data Sheet (3)

Data Short (1)

C8051F99x Data Short
05.18.106/24/201048 kB

Errata (1)

C8051F99x Rev A/B Errata
06.25.101/28/201448 kB

User Guides (4)

8-Bit USB Debug Adapter User's Guide
0.38/16/2013217 kB
C8051F996-DK User's Guide
0.22/20/2014628 kB
C8051F99x-Slider-EK User's Guide
0.37/24/2013268 kB
ToolStick C8051F990 Daughter Card User's Guide
0.38/5/2013578 kB

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C2 Specification
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Software (35)

Interfacing an External SRAM to the C8051Fxxx
2 kB
16-bit PWM using an on-chip timer
1 kB
8 Bits Tools Installer
4.907/23/2014680562 kB
Advanced encryption standard
20 kB
AN767SW: SMBus Bootloader Software
4/25/2013252 kB
AN778 Software
6/21/2013448 kB
C8051F990 Slider Evaluation Kit
5195 kB
Configuration Wizard 2 Installer
4.4012/11/201316076 kB
Configuring the internal and external oscillators
7 kB
Configuring the Port I/O Crossbar Decoder
0 kB
EEPROM emulation for flash microcontrollers
16 kB
Flash programming via the C2 interface
97 kB
FLASHUtil Installer
4.407/23/20147754 kB
Hex to Svf conversion utility software
V 1.317/17/20123623 kB
IDE Installer
4.907/23/201425866 kB
Implementing a real-time clock
2 kB
Improving ADC resolution by oversampling and averaging
3 kB
Integrating IAR 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
12 kB
Integrating SDCC 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
7 kB
Integrating Tasking 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
1 kB
IR Performance Analysis Tool
7641 kB
Low Pin-Count LCD Interface Software
4 kB
Modular bootloader framework for Silicon Labs MCUs
372 kB
Optimizing Low Power Operation of the 'F9xx
134 kB
Production Programmer
3.207/23/20142594 kB
Simplicity Studio v2
v28/14/2014169102 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Linux Installer
v28/14/2014179686 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Mac Installer
v28/14/2014119971 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Offline Installer
v28/14/20141912663 kB
Software UART examples
13 kB
Three-Channel Power Sequencer.
25 kB
ToolStick Development Tools
2.60.18/2/201345699 kB
USB Debug Adapter Reset Utility
1.76/1/201349 kB
uVision Driver
4.107/23/20144982 kB
Writing to flash from firmware
76 kB

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Product Matrix
Part NumberMCU CoreMHzFlashRAMDig I/O PinsTimers (16-bit)PCA ChannelsInternal Osc.ADC 1ADC 2DACTemp SensorVREFComparatorsDebug InterfaceOtherPackage TypePackage SizeAlternativeDev KitAEC-Q100CommunicationsFootnotes
C8051F990-GM8051258 kB0.51643±2%12-bit, 9-ch., 75 kspsYesYes1C213 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQFN203x3 mmC8051F996DK
C8051F991-GM8051258 kB0.51643±2%NoNo1C213 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQFN203x3 mmC8051F996DK
C8051F996-GM8051258 kB0.51743±2%12-bit, 10-ch., 75 kspsYesYes1C214 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQFN244x4 mmC8051F996DK
C8051F996-GU8051258 kB0.51743±2%12-bit, 10-ch., 75 kspsYesYes1C214 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQSOP248.65x3.90 mmC8051F996DK
C8051F997-GM8051258 kB0.51743±2%NoNo1C214 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQFN244x4 mmC8051F996DK
C8051F997-GU8051258 kB0.51743±2%NoNo1C214 touch channels; Low Power; RTCQSOP248.65x3.90 mmC8051F996DK


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