​C8051F35x Analog-Intensive MCUs

​The C8051F35x mixed-signal 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) devices include a 16-bit or 24-bit sigma-delta ADC subsystem. The sub-system allows up to eight input channels with a programmable gain stage of up to 128 times. Two separate 8-bit DACs are also included.
With on-chip power-on reset, VDD monitor, watchdog timer and clock oscillator, the C8051F350/1/2/3 microcontroller devices are truly stand-alone System-on-a-Chip solutions. The Flash memory can be reprogrammed even in-circuit, providing non-volatile data storage, and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware. User software has complete control of all peripherals and may individually shut down any or all peripherals for power savings.


  • 50 MIPS 8051 CPU
  • 8 kB Flash memory
  • 768 B RAM
  • 24 or 16-bit ADC with up to 1 ksps
  • Two 8-bit DACs
  • Comparator
  • Voltage reference
  • Temperature sensor
  • Four 16-bit timers
  • Three PCA channels
  • Seventeen digital I/O


  • Industrial and process feedback control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Test systems
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Satellite radio systems
  • Cellular base stations
  • Fiber optics systems
  • Test equipment
  • Weigh scales
  • Smart transmitters
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)


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Data Sheet (1)

C8051F35x 8 k ISP Flash MCU Family
1.11364 kB

Data Short (4)

C8051F350 Data Short
5.5.2005418 kB
C8051F351 Data Short
5.5.2005436 kB
C8051F352 Data Short
5.5.2005418 kB
C8051F353 Data Short
5.5.2005435 kB

Errata (1)

C8051F35x Rev B Errata
02.27.0438 kB

User Guides (3)

8-Bit USB Debug Adapter User's Guide
0.38/16/2013217 kB
C8051F35x-DK User Guide
0.410/11/2014384 kB
RS232 Serial Adapter (EC2) User Guide
0.1326 kB

Quick Start Guide (1)

MCU Quick-Start Guide Featuring the USB Debug Adapter
0.51246 kB

Application Notes (29)

AN0822: Simplicity Studio User's Guide
0.12/12/20141412 kB
AN101: Configuring the Port I/O Crossbar Decoder
2.27/19/2013272 kB
AN103: Using the On-Chip Temperature Sensor
1.37/19/2013326 kB
AN104: Integrating Keil 8051 Tools into the IDE
3.06/18/2013525 kB
AN107: Implementing 16-bit PWM Using the PCA
1.1298 kB
AN111: Using the C8051Fxxx in 5 Volt Systems
1.37/20/2013243 kB
AN114: Hand Soldering Tutorial for Fine Pitch QFP Devices
1.13034 kB
AN117: Using the C8051Fxxx On-Chip Interface Utilities DLL
3.37/19/2013268 kB
AN123: Using the DAC as a Function Generator
1.1272 kB
AN124: Pin Sharing Techniques for the C2 Interface
1.27/19/2013191 kB
AN125: Integrating Raisonance 8051 Tools into the IDE
1.3162 kB
AN126: Integrating Tasking 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
2.4207 kB
AN127: FLASH Programming via the C2 Interface
1.21/15/2013179 kB
AN136: Production Programming Options for MCU Devices
1.37/19/2013200 kB
AN140: Integrating HI-TECH 8051 Tools into the IDE
1.3207 kB
AN141: SMBus Communication for Small Form Factor Device Families
1.37/19/2013490 kB
AN184: Digital Counting Scale
0.2295 kB
AN191: Motor Control Software Examples
1.17/19/2013574 kB
AN198: Integrating SDCC 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
0.2224 kB
AN201: Writing to Flash from Firmware
0.77/19/2013201 kB
AN203: C8051Fxxx Printed Circuit Board Design Notes
0.27/19/2013314 kB
AN217: C8051F35x Delta-Sigma ADC User's Guide
0.2332 kB
AN236: Integrating IAR 8051 Tools into the Silicon Laboratories IDE
0.3442 kB
AN324: Advanced Encryption Standard
0.1176 kB
AN533: Modular Bootloader Framework for Silicon Labs C8051Fxxx Microcontrollers
0.112/3/2010165 kB
AN568: EEPROM Emulations for Flash Microcontrollers
0.11/5/201158 kB
AN767: SMBus Bootloader
0.14/24/201397 kB
AN778: UART Bootloader
0.16/18/2013224 kB
AN798: EEPROM Emulation with Wear-Leveling for 8-Bit Flash MCUs
0.110/21/201361 kB

White Papers (3)

Miscellaneous (1)

C2 Specification
1.1273 kB

PCN (4)

Design Tools

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Software (40)

Interfacing an External SRAM to the C8051Fxxx
2 kB
16-bit PWM using an on-chip timer
1 kB
8 Bits Tools Installer
4.907/23/2014680562 kB
Advanced encryption standard
20 kB
AN767SW: SMBus Bootloader Software
4/25/2013252 kB
AN778 Software
6/21/2013448 kB
CapTouchSense game
1219 kB
Configuration Wizard 2 Installer
4.4012/11/201316076 kB
Configuring the internal and external oscillators
7 kB
Configuring the Port I/O Crossbar Decoder
0 kB
EEPROM emulation for flash microcontrollers
16 kB
Flash programming via the C2 interface
97 kB
FLASHUtil Installer
4.407/23/20147754 kB
Hex to Svf conversion utility software
V 1.317/17/20123623 kB
IDE Installer
4.907/23/201425866 kB
Implementing 16-bit PWM using the PCA
6 kB
Implementing a real-time clock
2 kB
Improving ADC resolution by oversampling and averaging
3 kB
Integrating Hi-Tech 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
1 kB
Integrating IAR 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
12 kB
Integrating SDCC 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
7 kB
Integrating Tasking 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE
1 kB
IR Performance Analysis Tool
7641 kB
Lithium Ion Battery Charger Using C8051F300
6 kB
Low Pin-Count LCD Interface Software
4 kB
Modular bootloader framework for Silicon Labs MCUs
372 kB
Motor control software examples
19 kB
Production Programmer
3.207/23/20142594 kB
Simplicity Studio v2
v210/23/2014177529 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Linux Installer
v210/23/2014189414 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Mac Installer
v210/23/2014130375 kB
Simplicity Studio v2, Offline Installer
v210/23/20141912663 kB
Software for C8051F064EK
1.3.117450 kB
Software UART examples
13 kB
Three-Channel Power Sequencer.
25 kB
ToolStick Development Tools
2.60.18/2/201345699 kB
USB Debug Adapter Reset Utility
1.76/1/201349 kB
Using the on-chip temperature sensor
5 kB
uVision Driver
4.107/23/20144982 kB
Writing to flash from firmware
76 kB

Schematics/Layout (6)

Training (2)

Product Matrix
Part NumberMCU CoreMHzFlashRAMDig I/O PinsTimers (16-bit)PCA ChannelsInternal Osc.ADC 1ADC 2DACTemp SensorVREFComparatorsDebug InterfaceOtherPackage TypePackage SizeAlternativeDev KitAEC-Q100CommunicationsFootnotes
C8051F3508051508 kB0.751743±2%24-bit, 8-ch., 1 ksps8-bit, 2-ch.YesYes1C2LQFP329x9 mmC8051F350DK
C8051F3518051508 kB0.751743±2%24-bit, 8-ch., 1 ksps8-bit, 2-ch.YesYes1C2QFN285x5 mmC8051F350DK
C8051F3528051508 kB0.751743±2%16-bit, 8-ch., 1 ksps8-bit, 2-ch.YesYes1C2LQFP329x9 mmC8051F350DK
C8051F3538051508 kB0.751743±2%16-bit, 8-ch., 1 ksps8-bit, 2-ch.YesYes1C2QFN285x5 mmC8051F350DK
    The on-chip Silicon Labs 2-Wire (C2) Development Interface allows non-intrusive (uses no on-chip resources), full speed, in-circuit debugging using the production MCU installed in the final application. This debug logic supports inspection and modification of memory and registers, setting breakpoints, single stepping, run and halt commands. All analog and digital peripherals are fully functional while debugging using C2. The two C2 interface pins can be shared with user functions, allowing in-system debugging without occupying package pins.
    Each device is specified for 2.7 to 3.6 V operation over the entire industrial temperature range (–45 to +85 °C). The Port I/O and /RST pins are tolerant of input signals up to 5 V. The C8051F350/1/2/3 are available in 28-pin QFN or 32-pin LQFP packages.


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