USB Microcontrollers

Silicon Labs' SiM3U1xx 32-bit USB microcontrollers (MCUs) and C8051F3xx/T62x/T32x 8-bit USB microcontrollers make it easy to implement industry standard USB connectivity. These devices feature an on-board universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 function controller with an integrated transceiver and on-chip clock recovery, and are available in a wide range of packages. No external resistors, crystal, voltage regulator, EEPROM or other components are required.
Development software is available to provide a complete host and device side software solution. USB class drivers, extensive libraries, example code and development kits all make it easy to add USB to your embedded system.
Customers may use their own vendor ID (VID), or they may use the Silicon Labs VID for USB products. If the Silicon Labs VID is used, the customer must request a unique product ID (PID).

Featured Product

C8051F38x 8-bit USB MCUs  

C8051F38x 8-bit MCUs NEW

The C8051F38x microcontroller (MCU) family is ideal for applications requiring cost effective, robust analog and digital peripherals and high performance processing capabilities. This family of MCUs provide solutions for both USB-based applications and broad-based applications that do not require USB.

USB MCU Products

Part Number
(Page Link)​
Core​ Memory​ MHz​​ RAM
Packages​ Software​
SiM3U1xx 32-bit​ 32-256 kB
80​ 8/16/32 kB​ QFN40, QFN64, TQFP64, TQFP80​, LGA92 Precision32 IDE​
C8051F32x/34x​ 8-bit​ 16-64 kB (Flash)​ 48​ 4352/2304​/1280 QFN28​, QFN32
C8051F38x NEW 8-bit​ 16-64 kB (Flash)​ 48​ 4352/2304​ QFN32
C8051T62x/T32x 8-bit​ 8-64 kB (EPROM)​ 48​ 3328/2304/1280​ QFN24​, QFN28

Design Resources

  • USB Connectivity Bridges

    Add USB connectivity to applications using legacy serial connections
  • Request a Unique Product ID

    Each USB device attached to a USB host must have a unique Vendor ID, Product ID and Serial String combination in order to function properly
  • MCU Die Sales Program

    Get 8-bit and 32-bit MCU products in die form for added flexibility. All wafers are fully tested to the same levels as packaged products