Designing for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications
Explore design considerations for adding Bluetooth low energy connectivity

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Bluetooth Smart Modules

Fully certified, energy friendly, easy to use

Bluetooth Smart Modules

Bluetooth Smart SoCs

Energy friendly, ultra-low power SoCs

Bluetooth Smart SoCs

Bluetooth Classic Modules

Fully certified, integrated and easy to use

Bluetooth Classic Modules

Bluetooth Kits and Development Tools

Get started with Bluetooth using hardware and software to ease development.

Connectivity to Smart Phones, Tablets and PCs

Bluetooth technology provides simple, interoperable connectivity to all major smart phone, tablet and PC platforms

Ultra-low Power

Ultra-low power
Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables ultra-low power applications which can run years on coin cell batteries

Secure, Robust Networking

Secure, robust networking
Bluetooth technology has built-in security features which allow it to address security requirements

Simple Profile Development and Deployment

Simple profile development and deployment
Bluetooth Smart enables simple development and deployment of vendor specific profiles and applications


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