Silicon Labs Community Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms

Use of this website is subject to the following TERMS OF USE. By viewing, downloading, or using any materials from the Silicon Labs community website, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree to these TERMS OF USE, please do not use this website or download any materials from it.

If you violate the TERMS OF USE, we reserve the right to terminate all accounts belonging to you without prior notice. We prefer to advise users of inappropriate behavior; however, flagrant or repeated violations of our TERMS OF USE will result in an immediate ban. Our failure to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time.

We reserve the right to modify the TERMS OF USE or the community guidelines at any time. Continued use of the site is a reassertion of your agreement to abide by the TERMS OF USE.

Purpose of Community

  • We created the Code of Conduct to provide a basic understanding of what's allowed and not allowed in our forums. The following are the principle guidelines for the establishment and enforcement of our community (and forums and groups within):
  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere for our visitors and forum members
  • Ensure the privacy of our members and that of others
  • Comply with all applicable laws
  • Encourage responsible use of our forums, and discourage activities that disrupt our community and reduce the value of our services to our visitors
  • Encourage the freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner


Please Participate

We would request that all users be respectful of others at all times. We strongly encourage everyone to be kind to those asking questions. Many forum visitors will be new to the topic at hand and may need an extra measure of patience in order for their questions to be fully answered.  Let’s all welcome new learners and visitors, and encourage their participation in forum activities.


Removal for Inappropriate Behavior

It is extremely important for you to understand that this section of our Code of Conduct is not designed to cover everything. We may take action — issue a warning, ban your account(s) and/or IP addresses, lower your post count, delete/edit your post(s)/thread(s), etc. — if your conduct on the Silicon Labs Community forums is counterproductive to the TERMS OF USE, or to the proper functioning of the community itself.

The moderators and administrators of this site have broad discretion to delete the account for any user endeavoring to circumvent the decisions of the moderators and administrators.


No Profanity

You may not use profanity, sexual innuendo, or other types of offensive remarks. Please know that slang may be considered profane when used in certain contexts.


No Hate Speech

You may not use terms or audio/visual materials referring to ethnic/national origin, ideological/religious/political beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a demeaning context.

Please note that words carry different meanings in different cultures and that while a word may be acceptable for use in one part of the world, it may not be in another. In addition, any one can invent their own derogatory terms, unfortunately. Because of those factors, we will evaluate the context in which the term was used to determine whether a violation has occurred.


No Pornography or Other Offensive Materials

You may not post or link to pornography or sexually offensive materials. 

You may not post or link to shock sites, or any such excessively obscene material. Blatant violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban on your account.


No Threats

No personal threats or personal attacks will be tolerated.


Fair Statement of Disagreement

It is fair and reasonable to state your disagreement with the facts or conclusions of posts and materials found on the site. We simply ask that you keep your remarks tightly focused on the points of disagreement and that you present your position in a reasoned and constructive way.  The community is built on the collective experiences of all those participating. The wisdom of the group at large may provide valuable insights into the issue at hand. Please endeavor to objectively illustrate your position so that others can follow your reasoning and perhaps participate in the conversation themselves.


No Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Materials

No information subject to an NDA may be posted.  We will delete posts found to contain materials in breach of the applicable NDA. We reserve the right to cooperate with the companies in the investigation of any NDA breach. You must have the right to post any materials to this site. If you do not have the rights, then do not post the materials. Posting of materials for which you do not have the rights may result in termination of your account. Note that by posting to this site, you are agreeing that the material becomes the property of Silicon Labs.


No Trolling

No trolling or deliberate disruption of the conversation will be tolerated. You may not bait/troll users. Bait/Trolling is defined as posting with a clear intent to provoke anger, incendiary posts, and behavior that results in other users violating the TERMS OF USE.

Do not post negative posts and discussions that are repeated over and over with no other purpose than to disrupt conversation. If you feel the need to say something, say it once and move on. Do not disrupt multiple threads in order to get your view out.


No Posting of Private Information

You may not post the private information of others unless the user has first permitted it by expressing consent.  Examples of private information include name, address, IP addresses, and phone numbers.

You may not disclose a user's unpublicized email address unless the user has first permitted it, either by actual consent or by previously releasing said information.

You may not distribute any form of private information, email address, private/email messages, and Instant Messenger messages (“Chatlogs”) with intent to harass or demean, as determined by a moderator, regardless of consent.


Age Requirements

You may not post any form of personal information if you are 13 years old or younger.


No Commercial Solicitation

No commercial solicitation will be allowed, other than materials placed by Silicon Labs.

You may not harvest email addresses or other personal information from our forums for any purpose.

We want to avoid spam generated by promotion teams, public-relations campaigns, or any other traffic-hungry webmasters. So please note that our forums are not the place to advertise your own site or forums or sites with similar content to ours. The Silicon Labs staff will not visit your site and spam it with advertisements, so we expect the same courtesy in return.

Any community user who seems to have created their account solely to promote another site will be permanently banned.


No Illegal Activity

You may not use our community for illegal purposes, in support of illegal activities, or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense. Such activities will guarantee a ban. We reserve the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.


Must Use a Single ID

Users must register under a single ID and associate this ID with an active email account. If a warning sent to the email address on record bounces, your account will be banned.

You may not register multiple accounts.

We reserve the right to terminate accounts whose associated usernames are in violation of the TERMS OF USE or are otherwise deemed inappropriate and/or potentially offensive.

Users may be invited to register under a new name at our discretion.

Attempting to impersonate any person, including staff, using forged headers, instant messenger names, similar usernames (i.e. “GiIIB”, “Gi11B”, “Angel GillB”) in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.


Must Not Subvert or Disrupt the Community

Do not subvert or disrupt the community.  This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Accessing, or attempting to access, the accounts of other users.
  • Exploiting, or attempting to exploit, any bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes, whether disclosed or undisclosed.
  • Penetrating or attempting to penetrate, security measures of Silicon Labs or its partners' providers including both hardware and software.
  • All violations will subject all your Silicon Labs website accounts to immediate termination, regardless of whether or not the intrusion results in the corruption, loss, or theft of data.


Do Not Abuse the Recognition Feature

Abuse of the recognition feature is not allowed, including soliciting others for recognition or giving an excessive amount of recognition to a specific user.


Guideline: Search Before Post

Before posting a new question, we strongly encourage new users to first search for information on their inquiry to determine if a relevant thread has already been started, and second, please read the community Help to understand how best to post new threads.


Guideline: Post in Correct Area

Please make every effort to post new question threads in the correct area within the community.  In some cases, the topic may be complex involving multiple topics.  In these situations, please use your judgment to place the question in a single product area with the strongest match to your overall inquiry.  For multi-topic questions, please add the appropriate tags to the item before posting it.


Guideline: Use Accurate Titles

Please title new threads carefully with descriptive keywords.  The advanced search engine that powers the community will deliver much more accurate search results if titles are accurate and descriptive.


Guideline: Use Pictures

Please use pictures and screenshots if they will help clarify the topic.  But we strongly recommend against using large photos over 1 MB.  Please crop the image down to the relevant information.


Guideline: Please use Recognition Feature and Likes

If you like a particular post, please avoid an additional “thank you” reply.  Use the “Like” button to indicate your appreciation. You can also thank the person who helped you by navigating to their profile and recognizing their contribution by giving a "Badge". Both of these mechanisms are greatly appreciated by those posting responses, and it helps drive the individual user rating system.


Trademarks and Copyrights

Silicon Laboratories Inc.®, Silicon Laboratories®, Silicon Labs®, SiLabs® and the Silicon Labs logo, EFM™, EFM32™, EFR™, Energy Micro™, Energy Micro logo and combinations thereof, “the world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers,” Gecko™, Simplicity™, Ember®, EZLink®, EZMac®, EZRadio®, EZRadioPRO®, Precision32®, USBXpress® and others are trademarks or registered trademarks of Silicon Laboratories Inc. ARM, Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4 and Keil are trademarks or registered trademarks of ARM Limited. Zigbee is a registered trademark of Zigbee Alliance, Inc. All other products or brand names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective holders. Materials that require password access are Silicon Laboratories confidential and/or proprietary.


Use Restrictions, Licenses and Copyrights

All materials in this website are provided solely as a service to Silicon Laboratories’ customers and may only be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed for use in or associated with products using one or more Silicon Labs integrated circuits. No express or implied licenses are granted to any intellectual property rights.

All materials posted to this community become the copyrighted property of Silicon Labs.  Attribution to Silicon Labs must be incorporated in any materials obtained from this website.

All postings to the site, become the property of Silicon Labs. Once posted, users cannot require it to be removed.  Users also relinquish any rights to how this content might be used in the future.


Disclaimer of Liability

Silicon Laboratories does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the materials, information, graphics, links or any other items contained in this website. Silicon Laboratories may change, remove, or update any content in this website or may modify or discontinue the products described herein at any time without notice. However, Silicon Laboratories makes no commitment to update the materials.






Official Language

English is the official language of our forums because it is the common language between our moderators and users. Because we cannot moderate conversations in a foreign language, you may not hold a conversation in the forums in a language other than English.


3rd Party Links

Links to material outside of the site are permitted within the body of the post provided that they provide additional information not otherwise available on the site.  In no case should links be placed singularly, or on a repeated basis, with the purpose of making connections to external blogs, websites or other types of traffic and revenue-generating activities.  The moderators will exercise board judgment as to the utility of external links, and their determinations will be final.

Registered users may provide links within their signature lines so long as those links conform to these TERMS OF USE.  Links within the signature block may not be referenced in any other part of the posting.

Repeated link offenses will result in the termination of the user’s account.


Software Licenses

Software posted by Silicon Labs on this website is licensed, subject to any identified underlying license(s), on a worldwide, royalty-free basis for use, copying, modifying and distribution solely as a service to Silicon Laboratories’ customers, but is for use solely in products containing a Silicon Labs IC, and is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, express or implied.

Any third party who posts software on this website represents that it has the right for the software to become the copyrighted property of Silicon Labs.

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