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Extend IoT Device Range with Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk creates shared wireless networks connecting IoT devices at home and beyond the front door, across the entire neighborhood, and even the city. Silicon Labs can accelerate the development of Amazon Sidewalk devices by making it possible for manufacturers to focus more of their resources on innovation and less on testing and integration. We have in-depth expertise in the underlying wireless protocols utilized by Amazon Sidewalk including Bluetooth and sub-GHz protocols.

Amazon Sidewalk – Connecting Wireless IoT Devices at Homes and Beyond

In addition to extending connectivity beyond the front door, Amazon Sidewalk can be used by IoT applications to deliver end-users convenience while opening up new possibilities for device manufacturers. Here you can find information about our energy-efficient, high-performance wireless hardware and software, development tools, and learning resources for Amazon Sidewalk.

Getting Started with Amazon Sidewalk

The Silicon Labs portfolio offer a range of solutions for Bluetooth and sub-GHz wireless that are supported by the Amazon Sidewalk network. Select your product below for more information.

Most Complete Amazon Sidewalk Development Solution

Silicon Labs provides IoT device makers the most complete, one-stop-shop, wireless development solution for Amazon Sidewalk, simplifying your development process, reducing costs, and accelerating time to revenue for Amazon Sidewalk IoT devices. The solution comprises the Amazon Sidewalk SDK, wireless hardware, security, and development kits and tools.

Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs and Modules

Silicon Labs BG21B and BG24B offer superior Bluetooth wireless performance and long range for Amazon Sidewalk, ensuring flawless connectivity for your products regardless of their location and radio conditions. These low-power solutions extend the battery life and recharging interval on your devices, reducing costs, hassle, and waste for the user.


Silicon Labs Secure Vault™ is the most advanced IoT security solution available, fulfilling Amazon’s stringent security requirements for Amazon Sidewalk corresponding to the PSA Certification Level 3. Secure Vault protects devices, users, brand reputation, and revenue from rapidly evolving cyber-attacks!

Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk
Available in Q1 in 2023

This new Pro Kit is optimized for the best out-of-box experience by providing a complete solution (BLE, FSK, and CSS) that comes pre-programmed with Amazon Sidewalk firmware and pre-registered on AWS saving days of setup and onboarding.

How to Get Started with Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is not yet available to device makers, but you can apply now for Silicon Labs’ Early Engagement Partner Program to be among the early adopters launching Amazon Sidewalk products.

Benefits for Silicon Labs Early Engagement Partners

  • Develop your device with the help of Silicon Labs and Amazon
  • Get early access to development kits and tools at no cost
  • Boost your visibility through marketing and media co-operation
  • Get ready for the official Amazon Sidewalk launch before your competitors

What can you do with Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a versatile multi-use IoT technology that can enable communication of many consumer applications at home, garden, neighborhood, and even beyond. As an example, it can enable wireless tracker devices to communicate to enable users to find valuables in the home, garage, garden, and pets in the neighborhood. The Community Finding feature allows neighbors to locate lost items by sharing the approximate location of the Amazon Sidewalk gateway.

What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a shared wireless network that uses Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as compatible Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to enable communication among devices communicating on the network. Amazon Sidewalk enables reliable, low-bandwidth, and long-range connectivity at home and beyond. It connects IoT devices and applications such as outdoor lights, motion sensors, and location-based devices. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy for short-distance communication and CSS and FSK radio protocols at 900 MHz frequencies to cover longer distances.

How Does Amazon Sidewalk Work?

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth wireless network comprised of nearby gateway devices. Amazon Sidewalk gateway device owners can opt-in to share a small portion of their internet bandwidth to provide wireless connectivity services to compatible devices within the range of Amazon Sidewalk. Each participating gateway device expands the range of the network.

Amazon Sidewalk Gateway Devices

Unlike many IoT technologies based on a single gateway, Amazon Sidewalk is based on a distributed network architecture of nearby gateway devices. Having more Amazon Sidewalk gateways in an area can increase the effectiveness of the network. When the infrastructure expands, the gateways form a distributed network, allowing devices to roam without having to worry about one specific gateway. Amazon Sidewalk gateways will pick up the message from the compatible device and route it through the AWS cloud to the user with multiple layers of security.

Amazon Sidewalk-Enabled Devices

Amazon Sidewalk-enabled devices such as location-based devices, sensors, security appliances, irrigation, and lighting devices can access the network through popular consumer gateway devices, including compatible Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras.”

Amazon Sidewalk Architecture

Amazon Sidewalk is built on an architecture comprising of a radio, network, and application layers.

Amazon Sidewalk Networking Use-Cases

The diagram to the right illustrates the three supported networking protocols and how they can interact to enable communication in the Amazon Sidewalk network.

Amazon Sidewalk Radio Layers

Amazon Sidewalk can use three different PHYs at the radio layer to address the different networking use-cases.

Bluetooth Low Energy – In Home and Connect Device-to-phone Connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy radio PHY can be used for Amazon Sidewalk applications in the home with short-range connectivity for devices such as location-based devices and connect a device to a smartphone with Amazon Sidewalk coverage.

Sub-GHz GFSK – In Home and Beyond Front Door

GFSK radio PHY can cover up to one acre lot and can address applications that need to cover detached buildings and yards such as pool, spa, and water mitigation. GFSK can even support smart city and neighborhood applications with Amazon Sidewalk coverage.

Sub-GHz CSS – In Home and Beyond the Fence

The CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum) radio PHY can reach several miles to support applications where devices are far from the nearest gateway - these can include smart neighborhoods, universities, and agriculture with Amazon Sidewalk coverage.

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