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Transform the traditional shopping experience to better connect with customers in-store and online with our wireless solutions.

Develop smart retail applications to better connect with customers in-store and online leveraging our wireless solutions.

Smart retail solutions increase retailer efficiency, reduce labor costs, and provide consumer insights by merging digital online e-commerce and physical stores into an omnichannel experience. Solutions such as electronic shelf labels (ESLs) increase productivity and profitability via centralized and dynamic price management without the labor-intensive manual price updates.

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Smart lighting and wireless access points can also enable indoor location services to track assets and consumer behavior and speed up click-and-collect through shop navigation.


Supermarkets have thousands of items on shelves, and adding wireless IoT connectivity to ESLs, lighting, and other systems require extremely scalable solutions and easy commissioning.  

Reliable Performance

Wireless networks must keep everything connected across long distances, randomized locations, and other factors to maintain a steady, daily retail cash flow in modern retail outlets. 

Maximum Return on Investment

Deploying a wireless network in a retail setting can be complicated, so a IoT retail system or wireless access point should provide as much capability as possible without deploying more nodes. 

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Case Studies for Smart Retail Devices

See how intelligent, flexible connectivity is helping deliver unique and customized shopping experiences for consumers across retail applications. 

“For us, it's really about the support and the commitment we've received from Silicon Labs to help a young company like ours to really thrive in a competitive world.”

Morten Møgelmose | Co-founder and CEO

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