Smart Locks

Develop secure, long-range, and energy-efficient smart door locks with our wireless solutions

Why Smart Locks? 

Smart locks are a critical component of the smart home, increasing safety while making life more convenient. With a smart lock, you don’t have to go home only to let the delivery agent or plumber in because access can be controlled safely anywhere. A family member losing a key won’t be a problem with a wirelessly connected lock, either. The increased safety, flexibility, and quality of life are key factors propelling the expected 21% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the smart lock market until 2028. 

See how Hampton Array doubled the battery life of a Wi-Fi-based smart lock enabling up to a year between charges with Silicon Labs.

Silicon Labs’ Wireless Solutions for Secure and Efficient Smart Locks 

Silicon Labs’ wireless solutions simplify the design of secure, energy-efficient smart locks, accelerating time-to-revenue and increasing your value proposition. Our wireless portfolio includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Thread, and Proprietary solutions with flexible multi-protocol co-existence, easy device commissioning, and the most advanced IoT security. Our Matter enables you to integrate your locks with all popular smart home ecosystems seamlessly. Silicon Labs’ ultra-low-power SoCs enable multi-year battery life for many wireless locks in the market today.  

How to Design Energy-Efficient and Secure Wireless Smart Locks?

How to Choose the Best Wireless Protocol for Smart Locks?

Which wireless protocol is optimal for your smart lock? Silicon Labs offers secure, ultra-low-power solutions for all wireless protocols you need in smart locks: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Thread, and Proprietary, with flexible multi-protocol co-existence and easy commissioning.  

How to Integrate Locks with Smart Home Ecosystems? 

Smart locks are part of the Matter 1.0 specification, making integration with smart home ecosystems such as Amazon, Apple, and Google easier. Silicon Labs provides smart lock makers a complete Matter development solution with the most energy-efficient and secure single-chip solutions for Wi-Fi and Thread, including Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) co-existence for easy device setup.    

How to Maximize the Security of Smart Locks?

Smart locks must sustain even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks to protect your customers’ homes. Our Secure Vault is the most advanced IoT security solution with up to PSA Certification Level 3 grading.

Peripheral support for Authentication Methods

The Silicon Labs wireless platform, including the MG24, ZG28, and FG28 with integrated AI/ML accelerator while supporting a broad selection of peripherals. Enhancing your possibilities of using various authentication methods such as PIN codes, security tokens, and biometrics such as fingerprint, hand geometry, face and voice recognition, eye scan, and more.  

How to Enable Multi-year Battery Life for Smart Locks?

Battery life can be a deal breaker for many smart lock buyers. Our wireless portfolio is renowned for its ultra-low-power capabilities enabling many commercially available lock products to reach multi-year battery life. The SiWx917 is the lowest-power Wi-Fi 6 SoC available. Our Z-Wave supports fast wake-up time, Frequency Listening Receiver Slave (FLiRS), and other features for ultra-low-power lock operation. Additionally, the Energy Profiler on our Simplicity Studio helps you to optimize your code line by line to minimize energy consumption, maximize battery life, and increase sales. 

How to Simplify Commissioning for Smart Lock Users?

Silicon Labs offers several solutions for enabling easy commissioning for smart locks, such as the Z-Wave SmartStart or Bluetooth Low Energy co-existence on Matter, Amazon Sidewalk (SG28), Wi-Fi, Thread, and Zigbee SoCs, enabling setup using a smartphone.  

Accurate Positioning on Smart Locks? 

Accurate Positioning is a fundamental building block of Bluetooth-enabled smart locks of the future. It enables you to develop locks that can determine if a user is approaching or departing. Combining this with the Angle of Arrival (AoA), your lock can determine users’ intent and automatically unlock or lock itself, depending on the situation, enhancing the user experience and safety. 

How to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Smart Locks?

Wireless design for smart locks products is challenging and time-consuming due to regional RF regulations. Silicon Labs offers wireless modules (e.g. ZGM230S) with a built-in antenna and worldwide RF certifications to save up to 9 months or more from your time-to-market, reducing your development costs, accelerating time to break even, and increasing return on investment.  

Door Lock Block Diagram

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