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Battery Storage

Integrate reliable wireless connectivity into battery storage systems.

Battery Storage Systems Evolution 

For decades, power grids managed the energy supply based on demand prediction. With no real control over demand, grid operators end up overbuilding supply, which comes with efficiency loss and increased resource allocation costs. As adoption of energy renewables grows, coordinating shifts in demand becomes even more challenging. This drives the need for smart solutions to shape the demand curve in real-time to reduce carbon emissions.

Balancing the electricity load can smooth out energy peaks and transfer electricity to areas where it’s needed most. Battery storage systems play a critical role by storing the renewable energy and releasing it later, when needed.

Key Benefits of Battery Storage Systems

Batteries guarantee supply while phasing out less environmentally-friendly energy sources. With battery storage, users can save money because charging can be scheduled to occur during off-peak hours. Battery storage can be managed and maintained remotely to ensure the system is always up to date and working optimally.

Revenue Opportunity for Battery Storage Device Makers

Wireless communication brings advanced features to battery storage systems. Connecting these devices is facilitated by remote access, easy management, and a reliable communication link with other appliances in the energy system. As a result, communication becomes the glue of the system, enabling high system performance in terms of speed and efficiency. As a model for future energy, it becomes a great revenue opportunity for manufacturers of battery storage devices to easily integrate communication into their solutions.

Wireless Solutions Ideal for Battery Storage Systems

Silicon Labs supplies battery storage providers with secure, reliable, and low-latency wireless solutions that help them solve the most challenging product development challenges.

RF Performance for Fast Response Time

The response time of the system is crucial because supply should always match demand. If the demand suddenly increases significantly, the system should respond instantaneously to avoid complications with the utility grid. Silicon Labs wireless hardware offers superior RF performance, enabling reliable two-way wireless connectivity to support demand response in battery storage systems.


Protection against hacking and cyber attacks is critical on devices connected to high-voltage equipment and the electricity grid. Silicon Labs’ chipsets feature the world's most advanced cybersecurity protection, including the first chipsets certified with the ARM PSA Certified Level 3.

Maximizing Wireless Range and Reliability

Long wireless range and reliability are crucial for ensuring flawless connectivity between the different components: modules, string inverter, and Wi-Fi gateway. Silicon Labs’ wireless chipsets and modules feature the best RF sensitivity, providing wireless energy storage with superior reliability.

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