IoT-enabled Battery Powered Tools

High-performance, low-power wireless solutions for smarter, more secure battery-powered tools.

Designed for all kinds of jobs, be it in a commercial site, around the house, or in an industrial site, power tools make lives easier. Yet, even the most durable tool storage and top-performing jobsites experience cost, theft, and productivity challenges. Default settings that do not matching users’ needs, misplacing tools across the site, undetected underperformance, along with the high purchasing and repairing costs, all impact the bottom line.

IoT-enabled Next-Gen Battery-Powered Tools

Connecting battery-powered tools unlocks innovation and helps tackle productivity, safety, and compliance concerns across various applications. A fully connected experience via a mobile app and to the cloud leads to proactive decision making, predictive maintenance, and optimal performance. Users get access to historical and real-time performance data, location, tool usage, and battery health.

Innovative power tool makers are able to introduce advanced new features by either embedding built-in connectivity or by retrofitting existing tools.

  • Asset Tags - Accurate asset management, traceability, and authentication with short-range Bluetooth wireless connectivity, using real-time location services (RTLS) techniques.
  • Retrofitting Existing Tools - Real-time performance diagnostics and predictive maintenance alerts with Bluetooth LE connectivity added to the existing tool fleet.
  • Next-Gen Integrated Design - Prevalent in newer power tool designs, embedding connectivity at the core of the platform leads to implementation cost reduction, battery life improvements and easy tool configuration.

Silicon Labs Offering Wireless Solutions for Battery-Powered Tools

Chosen by leading battery-powered tool makers, Silicon Labs offers a broad selection of sub-GHz, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless solutions to either extend range or extend battery life. With best-in-class RF performance and advanced security, our SoCs optimize energy consumption, maximize battery life, meet EMI/ EMC requirements, and simplify system BOM for your battery-operated, space-constrained power tools.

Battery-Powered Tools Design Considerations

Robust and Reliable Wireless Connectivity for Power Tools

Connectivity issues in battery powered tools, such as low signal or inaccurate transmissions, can lead to tool downtime and possible theft issues, which can be costly for a jobsite. With the world’s highest TX power of 20 dBm and ultimate receiver sensitivity, Silicon Labs wireless hardware such as EFR32BG22 and  FR32BG24 SoCs and BGM220 and BGM240 certified modules enable you to develop reliable communications for remote control, monitoring, and configuration.

Battery Life Performance

From a user experience, you want the added features on battery powered equipment without impacting our run-time or maintenance cost. With the lowest active and sleep currents compared to other products available in the market today, our wireless solutions can significantly reduce frequency and cost of battery replacement in your battery powered tools.

Security Ideal for Battery-Powered Tools

Concerns over theft of the tool maker’s intellectual property, organized crime at retail stores, and petty theft of equipment at a jobsite can be addressed by selecting a wireless module that supports tamper detection, signed firmware, and secure bootloader. Silicon Labs chip sets feature the world's most advanced cybersecurity protection, including the first chipsets certified with the ARM PSA Certified Level 3.

Footprint Size

Users of handheld battery powered tools typically prefer a compact design. Designers of such tools strive to be compact while meeting the various RF certification requirements of each country. Silicon Labs offers SoC and certified module options to meet the compact size requirements for battery powered tools.


Smart Battery Powered Tools Block Diagrams

Automotive Diagnostics

Battery Construction Tool

Handheld Measurement

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