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Wireless Solutions for Smart, Secure, and Energy-efficient Wireless Cameras and Video Doorbells

Wireless Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

Home-centricity is an increasing global trend driving consumers to spend more on smart home security cameras and video doorbells. Thanks to these advancement made in these types of IoT solutions, users can check who's at the door and receive alerts when children return home from school or packages are delivered. As a result, these devices improve safety and peace of mind, whether at home or away, while enabling a more flexible and efficient lifestyle. As a result, the global smart home security camera market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16 percent, reaching $10.4 billion USD by 2026.

Silicon Labs' Wireless Solutions for Security Cameras and Doorbells

Silicon Labs provides the most advanced wireless solutions for reliable, low-power, high-performance Wi-Fi cameras and video doorbells with up to 4K throughput. The SiWx917 SoCs provide the lowest power consumption for Wi-Fi 6 with external PSRAM capability for more advanced camera solutions. The SiWx915 is an alternative energy-efficient Wi-Fi 6 solution for devices that do not require advanced processing, external PSRAM, or the most advanced power savings capabilities. Our RF-certified modules with a built-in antenna allow you to accelerate time to market by up to 9 months or more.  

What to Consider when Designing Wireless Cameras and Video Doorbells?

How to Maximize Battery-life of Always-on Wi-Fi Cameras?

When users want to place cameras in areas where line power is unavailable, Wi-Fi is the go-to solution. Unfortunately, most Wi-Fi cameras are power-hungry and require frequent battery charging/replacement. Silicon Labs, on the other hand, has Wi-Fi solutions to improve battery longevity significantly. High power consumption was a typical challenge with always-on Wi-Fi video cameras – until Silicon Labs announced SiWx917 – the lowest power Wi-Fi 6 SoC. SiWx917 delivers more than just the energy-saving Wi-Fi 6 features, such as Target-Wake-Time (TWT), enabling longer battery life for cloud-connected wireless cameras and doorbells.

How to Enable Reliable Sub-GHz Wireless for Camera Control?

Utilizing Sub-GHz technology allows for seamless integration of cameras into existing security systems through secure and energy-efficient wireless control. When using Sub-GHz System-on-a-Chip (SoC) options such as Proprietary (FG28) and Z-Wave (ZG28), you can reduce power consumption significantlyby eliminating the need for Wi-Fi keep-alive traffic, leading to increased battery life. Furthermore, security cameras and doorbell systems are often indoors and outdoors, making long-range and effective wall penetration crucial for centralized management from the security hub. Silicon Labs' sub-GHz solutions offer a range of up to 1.5 miles, making them ideal for these applications.

Wi-Fi 4 vs. Wi-Fi 6?

The dramatic increase of Wi-Fi-connected devices in homes has exacerbated congestion on the 2.4 GHz band. In 2022, a typical household had 22 connected devices, which is expected to grow to 50. The new Wi-Fi standard introduced a dual-band solution – so the traffic can be spread on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to improve bandwidth allocation. However, the power-hungry dual-band 5 GHz Wi-Fi reduces indoor performance and increases design complexity and costs. Silicon Labs SiWx917 and SiWx915 combine the best of both worlds – it providing single-band Wi-Fi 6 on the 2.4 GHz band with up to 4K throughput - supporting high-density environments without power-hungry 5 GHz and dual-band designs.

How to Maximize Wireless Camera Security?

Connected cameras impose a severe privacy threat to homeowners. Silicon Labs provides the market's most advanced IoT security, enabling you to protect your devices and users from remote attacks and physical tampering, increasing your brand trustworthiness.

How to Improve Wi-Fi Access Point Compatibility?

Consumers face many challenges when incorporating security cameras into their home network. The out-of-box experience is solved with SiWx917 and SiWx915, offering Bluetooth LE for frustration free installation along with Access Point Station Mode. The next failure point is Wi-Fi access point compatibility. Not only does Silicon Labs rigorously test against hundreds of AP devices; we utilize independent third-party test labs to validate and assume our customers products will successfully connect to whatever Access Point they have in their home. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction but also reduces costly product returns.

How to Increase Wi-Fi Throughput on Battery-powered Video Cameras?

How to get the most data throughput out of the bandwidth while minimizing power consumption? Silicon Labs' SiWx917 is the lowest-power Wi-Fi 6 SoC delivering 86 Mbps bandwidth (4K) with half of the power consumption of the closest competing SoCs.

How to Simplify Wireless Camera Setup?

Complicated camera commissioning can frustrate your customers and increase support requests. Silicon Labs offers many solutions to simplify device commissioning for users. SiWx917 and SiWx915, Wi-Fi SoCs feature integrated Bluetooth Low Energy co-existence, and BG22 can provide a stand-alone Bluetooth LE to enable an easy camera setup with a smartphone.


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