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Smart Metering

Silicon Labs enables smart metering solutions with secure wireless technologies, driving energy efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability in smart cities.

What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters are electronic hardware devices measuring the amount of consumed utility (electricity, gas, water, heating) including the time of day. Smart meters enabled with wireless IoT connectivity allow utilities and providers to collect energy information automatically, and remotely, providing them with accurate consumption data efficiently, without manual work. 

Smart Metering and it's Benefits

Smart meters measure and monitor the consumption of electricity, gas, water, and heating to communicate the data wirelessly to service providers, cities, municipalities, or landlords who benefit in different ways.  Utilities provider can effectively reduce their energy distribution costs, minimize waste, increase production efficiency and accelerate cash flow. Their customers can receive accurate and timely consumption data and help reduct their energy spending. Cities can operate more efficiently, minimize the loss of energy resources and restrain greenhouse gas emissions. In multi-dwelling houses, smart meters allow accurate usage-based heat cost allocation. Smart electricity meters are required for enabling demand response. Smart metering also helps minimizing the waste of water - leaks may take up to 40% of water during the distribution process.  

Our Solutions for Smart Meters

As a leader in wireless IoT, Silicon Labs offers MCUs and wireless connectivity SoCs with market-leading energy efficiency and RF performance to enable smart metering solutions. You get access to the broadest selection of hardware, cutting-edge wireless software and development tools, and robust security. With Silicon Labs, you can develop the most secure devices for smart energy management and enable tens of years of lifetime for battery powered smart meters.

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