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Smart Hospitals

Wireless solutions that can help you unlock advanced asset tracking, connect medical devices, and design robust IoT infrastructure.

Healthcare systems have undergone unprecedented challenges, including constrained resources, increased patient volume, and increasing levels of complexity in managing medical facilities. Faulty workflows and disruptions in locating medical devices slow down operations, introduce human error, and can be costly. Hospital managers lose, on average, $500,000 to inefficiency for every 20 minutes taken out of a nurse’s shift. As a result, hospitals and clinicians are looking to invest in secure and connected solutions to elevate operational efficiency, safety, and the patient experience.

Wireless Healthcare Systems

IoT revolutionizes healthcare by streamlining previously unmanageable processes and minimizing human intervention. By integrating connectivity into the existing infrastructure, healthcare providers can improve daily operations and deliver integrated, effective, and personalized care.

Asset Management

Increase inventory management, asset efficiency, and utilization with high-precision, real-time asset tracking. This optimizes the time spent in locating critical assets, identifying lost or misplaced equipment and eliminating over-purchasing.

Patient & Staff Workflows

Gain a holistic view into staff operations, patients’ movements, and vital signs from hospital check-in to check-out. Deliver better patient care and reduce idle waiting time with connected patient journeys and redesigned staff workflows.

Connected Medical Devices

Collect a continuous stream of data, automate alarms, reduce clinicians’ workload, and ensure wireless patient monitoring by integrating robust and reliable connectivity into all medical devices.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Applicable for both inpatient and outpatient care, physicians can efficiently scale patient assistance and relay critical information with connected, two-way communications devices such as CPAPs and ventilators.

Wireless Solutions for Smart Hospitals

Silicon Labs empowers medical device manufacturers and healthcare system integrators to unlock advanced asset tracking, develop innovative connected medical devices, and design gateways with large-scale, low power connectivity. Our wireless SoCs and modules feature best-in-class RF performance with the highest level of industry security certification, reducing the risk of ecosystem security breaches.

“With many years of successful collaboration, Silicon Labs has been a trusted partner in supporting our mission in transforming hospitals into safer, more efficient, operationally-aware facilities with actionable IoT data. With unparalleled technical support and a clear IoT strategy, the Silicon Labs SoCs were a natural choice for their reliability, the highest level of industry security infused at the chipset level, and the extensively tested software.”

Burak Bardak, CTO at Borda Technology


RF Communication Across Harsh Settings

Hospitals are notoriously harsh RF conditions, with considerable obstructions to line-of-sight due to thick walls, metal enclosures, and electromechanical noise.  With the world’s highest TX power of 20 dBm and ultimate receiver sensitivity, Silicon Labs wireless hardware provides reliable connectivity with managed and unmanaged coexistence.

Power Consumption

Medical devices require a long lifecycle, often lasting up to 10 years or more. When operating on battery power, every ounce of energy counts to keep up with user needs. By embedding ultra-low power wireless SoCs from Silicon Labs, device makers can future-proof and maximize battery life for integrated medical devices.

Our newly introduced BG27 SoC presents an integrated DCDC boost for operation down to 0.8 V and an integrated Coulomb Counter to ensure the device's battery is at the max capacity for use.


The medical market is heavily regulated, with long certification cycles and a recognized vulnerability to cyber-attacks targeting patient privacy and record data. By infusing the highest level of industry security certification PSA Level 3 -Certified Secure Vault™, at the SoC level, device makers can prioritize cybersecurity right from the start. Silicon Labs also brings advanced security at the software level that goes beyond flash programming with the Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS).

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