Smart Interface Controller ICs

Enable quick and effective communications with our world-class, high-performance interface devices.

Using our world-class design expertise, we’ve created a family of interface devices to help you differentiate products and speed time-to-market. These mixed-signal IC products span different technologies and standards to enable quick and effective communication between two devices or functionalities.

  USB Bridges Digital Audio Bridges Touch SPI-to-I2C Bridges LCD Controllers Ethernet Controllers
USB Full Speed Full Speed
UART 1 to 4 1 1
I2C Up to 1 I2C Slave Up to 1 I2C Slave 400 kHz I2C Master 400 kHz I2C Master
I2S 1 3-4 Wire Slave 40 Wire SPI
Capacitive Sense 7-13 Channels
Parallel 8-bit Multiplexed or Non-Multiplexed Mode
Ethernet Yes
LCD Up to 128 Segments
GPIO 4-7 GPIO/O 8 I/O 7 GPIO 8 GPIO 20-36 GPIO 0
Featured Product CP2102N CP2615 CPT212B CP2120 CP240x CP220x
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