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Develop secure, reliable, smart medical designs for any healthcare setting with low-power, high-performance wireless SoCs and modules from the global leader in IoT.

Develop secure, reliable, smart medical devices for any healthcare setting with low-power, high-performance wireless SoCs and modules from the global leader in IoT.

Smart medical devices, from pulse oximeters and ECG monitors to fitness wearables, make healthcare more accessible and are improving lives around the world. But developing these connected medical devices is challenging. Crowded RF environments, regulatory requirements, and security are just a few things device manufacturers must overcome.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Connected Health Applications

Our broad portfolio of multiprotocol wireless modules and SoCs simplifies this process and accelerates time-to-market.


With the highest transmission power and superior receiver sensitivity, we ensure connectivity as well as maintaining high data rates with fewer retransmissions to save power and channel capacity.

Advanced Security

Prevent attacks, safeguard patient privacy, and check all clinical testing certification requirements with our Secure Vault™, offering PSA Certification Level 3.

Low Power Consumption

We offer the lowest power consumption Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) SoCs on the market, and the smallest form-factor design of 4.6 x 7.9mm for connected health applications.

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Case Studies for Connected Medical Devices

Discover some of the ways we’re helping deliver secure, intelligent connectivity to patients and caregivers to diagnose, treat, and improve the quality of care with IoT medical devices. 

“The EFM32 architecture was absolutely revolutionary at the time, and most chip suppliers are still playing catch-up.”

Gabriel Felix | Senior Fellow, Bardy Diagnostics

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