Industrial IoT

Asset Tracking

Wireless connectivity for commercial and industrial asset tracking solutions

Asset Tracking

When dealing with mobile assets, keeping track, mitigating human errors, and protecting costly equipment from theft is imperative. Wireless connectivity unlocks an affordable way of tracking and monitoring the location and health of goods and even personnel across industrial and commercial sites. Asset tracking can be implemented with battery powered trackers such as asset tags or data-loggers. This spans from supply and cold chain monitoring, cargo and logistic tracking, factory and warehouse applications, clinical medical environments, and even livestock monitoring and farming.

Long-Range Industrial Asset Monitoring

RTLS Fleet and Construction Vehicle Tracking

Improve a fleet’s efficiency with Real-time Location Services (RTLS). In-vehicle gateways are ideal for aggregating data from a multitude of nearby sensors and backhaul to the cloud and receiving updates over-the-air (OTA).

Smart Containers

Use low-power IoT to add intelligence to containers in cargo yards, ports, and rail stations. Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth and sub-GHz devices are ideal for positioning in containers as well as operating through thick metal walls. Combine multiple containers to form a wider ranging mesh network.

Smart Pallets

Smart pallets use conventional asset tracker loggers installed into conventional pallets. Leverage both short-range and long-range wireless technology for recording temperatures and shocks. Pallets can benefit from Silicon Labs’ advanced AoA positioning technology.

Data-Loggers (Cold-Chain)

Record the condition and health of temperature-sensitive assets (food-chain, cold-chain). The temperature sensor is placed close to the asset in the vehicle and stores data throughout the journey until an access-point is available at the final destination.

Short-Range Commercial Asset Tracking

People and Asset Tracking in Smart Hospitals

Optimize the time spent locating critical assets in smart hospitals, identifying lost or misplaced equipment, and tracking patients and employees in the building.

Retail Loss Prevention

Loss prevention involves the use of tracking devices to monitor the location and movement of valuable assets within a retail environment. These assets include high-value products, electronics, clothing, or other items prone to theft.

Indoor Navigation

When GPS is less accurate, wayfinding techniques in Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi aid navigation in indoor environments such as supermarkets, airports, malls, and others. Indoor navigation can be made efficient with Silicon Labs AoD technology.

Commercial Logistics

Tracking the movement of commercial products like retail goods and pharmaceuticals, or equipment.

Silicon Labs Offering

Wireless industrial automation experts rely on the Silicon Labs offering for the wides range of Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Amazon Sidewalk wireless solutions and location technology options.

Direction Finding

Design RTLS and indoor positioning solutions with Bluetooth AoA and AoD for sub-meter accuracy. In challenging RF environments, our HADM is highly reliable.

Machine Learning

Reduce bandwidth requirements, save power, and increase a device's ability to make smarter decisions with inferencing at the edge.

Industry-leading Security

Reduce the risk of IoT ecosystem security breaches and the compromise of intellectual property, or revenue loss from counterfeiting.

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