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INGY Enhances Smart Lighting Control with Wirepas and Silicon Labs


INGY, a Comprehensive Smart Lighting Control System

Founded in 2018, INGY has earned global recognition as a leading software development company specializing in smart lighting, offering a comprehensive wireless lighting control system. Available in combination with all major lighting brands, INGY integrates seamlessly into luminaires through four distinct methods: white-label luminaires, swift integration of built-in sensors, pre-flashed wireless modules, or a customizable wireless stack, ultimately enabling impressive energy savings of up to 80%.

On a mission to offer remarkable flexibility, setting up the INGY system involves a straightforward installation process that requires plugging in luminaires and sensors. Further simplifying the process, commissioning is done using a user-friendly mobile app or through a cloud interface.

INGY accommodates two specific types of buyers. The first group includes buyers of professional lighting searching for a cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly lighting control system. The second group covers those interested in enhancing their buildings’ intelligence with INGY’s lighting solution.


Beyond Lighting: The IoT Backbone for Commercial Estate

Facility managers seek to upgrade their commercial estate with a broad spectrum of smart building applications. This has led to a growing demand for services like asset tracking, occupancy analytics, and energy conservation. But how can lighting solutions, like INGY, play a role in fulfilling these needs?

INGY has pioneered an innovative and cost-effective approach to extend the capabilities of commercial lighting solutions. By incorporating sensors into luminaires, INGY enables smart building services such as occupancy detection, asset tracking, and indoor navigation in facilities like hospitals or decentralized storage spaces. As the INGY solution doesn’t require an additional infrastructure investment, INGY can reduce CAPEX costs by as much as 30% compared to other asset tracking solutions without increasing the cost of the planned lighting solutions.


The Challenge

INGY wants to offer its customer access to the best silicon options available in the market fulfilling a wide range of requirements from lighting customers, including, size constraints, shape requirements, high-temperature resilience, and high-performance wireless capabilities.

The Solution

INGY opted to include support for Silicon Labs ultra-low power MG24, multiprotocol SoC, paired with the Wirepas Mesh stack. MG24 offers an output power up to 20 dBm, extensive Flash and RAM memory, low-latency wireless connectivity, making it a perfect match for the wide range of luminaires and sensors. Additionally, the integrated AI/ML hardware accelerator future-proofs their design.

The Result

Silicon Labs supports INGY customers expedite time to market, saving up to 9 months in development time. With support for multiple protocol coexistence, MG24 empowers lighting manufacturers to design a single hardware solution that can support INGY as well as other wireless protocols like Zigbee and Bluetooth LE. This grants lighting manufacturers exceptional flexibility in protocol selection. 

Wirepas Mesh for Multi-Luminaire Smart Lighting Control Systems

The INGY top-tier smart lighting control system serves as the foundation for a smart building, operating as a scalable IoT backbone capable of accommodating a wide array of applications. Enabling such services requires meeting several prerequisites, including physical interoperability, high bandwidth performance, and the necessary density to cover expansive, multi-story structures.

In collaboration with Wirepas, INGY has adopted the Wirepas Mesh wireless technology as the basis for their smart lighting solutions. In this setup, each luminaire functions as a Wirepas Mesh node, significantly expanding scalability to support over 10,000 sensors. This strategic partnership empowers INGY to seamlessly connect with a broad ecosystem of pre-existing sensors and establish interoperability with a diverse range of available sensors, actuators, as well as location and inventory tags. Furthermore, additional sensors, such as call buttons, climate monitoring, and submetering devices, can be easily integrated into the system.

Silicon Labs Powering Energy-Efficient Smart Lighting Systems

Designing energy-efficient lighting systems presents a significant challenge due to the constraints in size, shape, and high-temperature requirements of luminaires. When combined with the Wirepas Mesh stack, Silicon Labs becomes the driving force behind the INGY smart lighting solutions. Regardless of the level of expertise of smart lighting customers, Silicon Labs provides the most streamlined and optimized smart lighting wireless development portfolio. This includes wireless SoCs and RF-certified modules equipped with built-in antennas. Opting for these RF-certified modules allows even less experienced smart lighting customers to expedite their time to market by up to 9 months from a hardware development and certification side. By combining the Silicon Labs with the INGY software solution, no software development is needed by the lighting manufacturer.

MG24 Multiprotocol SoC Excels in Luminaire Form and High Temperatures

Tailored for IoT mesh connectivity, the Silicon Labs MG24 multiprotocol wireless SoC is optimized for the luminaire form factor and high-temperature environments. The multiprotocol SoC presents essential features for energy-efficient solutions, including a high-performance 2.4GHz RF with an output power of up to 20dBm, low current consumption, a diverse selection of IO peripherals, and the most advanced IoT security solution, Secure Vault™. Running on an ARM Cortex®-M33 processor clocked at up to 78 MHz and equipped with up to 1.5 MB of Flash and 256 kB of RAM, this wireless SoC offers ample resources to support demanding applications while allowing room for future expansion.

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