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LEEDARSON Chooses Silicon Labs MG24 Wireless SoC and Matter to Simplify IoT Development


LEEDARSON specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of smart home devices to design, build, test, and deliver solutions that help consumers experience the full potential of the IoT. Part of the company’s mission to help realize a world of smart devices is supporting emerging technologies that make wireless development easier. For this reason, LEEDARSON has been an enthusiastic driver of the Matter standard.

Confident in Matter’s ability to simplify development and interoperability, the company has been very involved in Connectivity Standards Alliance, or CSA, which maintains the Matter standard. LEEDARSON is participating in the Matter specification validation event (SVE) scheduled to take place this summer, which will serve as a forum for manufacturers to conduct testing on their devices and qualify for Matter certification.

The Challenge

Help unify wireless IoT connectivity for the most popular device manufacturers and accelerate consumer adoption by championing the Matter standard.

The Solution

The EFR32MG24 Series 2 Multiprotocol SoC is explicitly designed to support the Matter standard and features the performance, security, and memory requirements LEEDARSON needed in an integrated circuit.

The Result

By developing applications based on the MG24, LEEDARSON and its customers can take advantage of interoperability and have confidence that a single application can scale across projects.

Expanding the IoT’s Reach with Interoperability Between Ecosystems

As a powerhouse behind many tech giants, LEEDARSON understands how important it is to unify IoT connectivity across different brands. LEEDARSON can help its partner companies dramatically increase production efficiency, accelerate time-to-market, and expand their customer base by providing a path toward interoperability across multiple smart home ecosystems. As consumers grow more comfortable with IoT-capable smart devices, the last thing they want to think about is that their new smart lightbulb may not seamlessly work with their voice assistant. While interoperability is an integral benefit for the end-user, another significant value-add is the opportunity to create a unified user experience for devices designed for the ecosystem. This unification can reduce the end-user learning curve, driving increased demand for IoT-capable smart devices.

Selecting the Appropriate Wireless SoC Partner

With performance and reliability in mind, LEEDARSON began evaluating IC vendors that could help them in their goal to drive momentum for the Matter standard. Large memory and Flash capability were also essential to eliminate the need for supplemental processing power. In addition to these two criteria, LEEDARSON also placed high importance on a partner that could provide excellent technical support with a proven, reliable software development kit. This led LEEDARSON to the newly released EFR32MG24 Wireless SoC from Silicon Labs. 

Featuring an optimal combination of Flash (up to 1536 kB) and RAM (up to 256 kB), the MG24 has been specifically designed for the Matter standard with the industry’s most advanced IoT security suite, Secure Vault™, and an emphasis on low-power consumption. MG24 offers the highest link budget in the market and up to 200 meters of wireless range indoors for 802.15.4 protocols such as Thread. With this, LEEDARSON can ensure that its customers’ devices get connected reliably at any home, regardless of the radio conditions. In addition, many of today’s IoT products require low-power consumption, and the integrated DC-DC helps to meet these demands in a small form factor. LEEDARSON has experience working with Silicon Labs and uses the EFR32MG22 Series 2 Zigbee SoC in its Security Kit Pro product line, which provides user-friendly, easy-to-install IoT products that offer robust performance and certification without requiring professional installation.

The first specification of the Matter standard, expected in 2022, comes with the promise of simplified development for manufacturers and easier product selection for consumers. The MG24 offers companies like LEEDARSON a highly capable, low-power SoC that’s exceptionally integrated for miniaturized IoT designs. The combination of RF performance and simple development will help innovators in virtually every industry speed up time to market and future-proof their designs.

We’ve worked with Silicon Labs across many Zigbee applications, and now they're helping us bring the same expertise and confidence to Matter. By leveraging this set of wireless SoCs, we'll accelerate how quickly we can bring Matter-enabled IoT devices to market for lighting, sensor, gateway, and bridging applications, just to name a few.
Kellen Yang
Kellen Yang
Global VP of Sales and Marketing at LEEDARSON

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