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Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Lock Delivers Improved Access, Increased Security, and Insight


The world is becoming increasingly connected, and today’s consumers are looking to implement the benefits of smart technology into their everyday lives, including the security and functionality of their homes. With the rise of small, privately owned vacation rentals, and the increase in hybrid workplaces popularized since the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remotely accessible, extremely reliable security systems has continued to grow.


Residential Smart Locks on the Rise

According to recent estimates, 130 million households are home to at least one smart device, with this figure expected to reach up to 335 million by 2028. In fact, 30 percent of consumers say they plan on buying a smart lock for their home in the next six months, as smart lock technology quickly moves from the early adopter stage into a majority acceptance phase.

Current offerings, however, have demonstrated several drawbacks, including high costs, a bulky, unsightly footprint, a steep learning curve for the user, difficult installation, clunky controls, and limited remote access. For many homeowners, smart locks remain unknown and a bit intimidating.

The Challenge

To create a robust, attractive, and very secure smart lock that works seamlessly with home Wi-Fi routers to deliver a wide range of remote-control features for deadbolts via any authorized smart phone or tablet.

The Solution

A low-power, Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock that allows you to check the status of your deadbolt, track access logs, lock and unlock via geofencing, create unique access codes, easily share within the household or schedule access, all within a single smart device app.

The Result

Easier access and more control improve user confidence in home security, with 24-hour insight into what’s happening at their properties, regardless of where they might be. 

Home Security, Mobilized

Enter security-leader Hampton, which has been conducting cutting-edge development for products relating to a smarter home for years. From smart cameras to integrated leak detectors and smart lighting systems, Hampton’s Array product line began undertaking the creation of a truly connected and accessible residential smart lock.

Its goal was to leverage the company's decades-long expertise in locks and security to create a solution that was easy out-of-the-box, attractive, and delivered users a full range of Wi-Fi functionality from any authorized tablet or smart phone.

We knew we needed to create a solution that was easy for the everyday consumer, but still delivered exceptional security with all the connectivity features we’ve come to know and love with our smart devices. We wanted something that a person could take out of the box, connect to their home router, and be ready to run. We were looking for a sleek, attractive lock that people would like to have on their home, rather than the big black boxes that were currently on the market.
Julie Ernest
Vice President of Marketing, Connected Home and Commercial Door Hardware at Hampton Products

Wi-Fi Module Exceeds Expectations in Smart Lock Development

A key requirement for the new smart lock was that it had to be easily connected to a home’s Wi-Fi system, with the ability for users to activate the lock/unlock features in multiple ways. The smart lock needed optimized battery life and power output, enhanced security features, and a small footprint. Hampton developers turned to Silicon Labs to source the semiconductor component of the new Wi-Fi lock, ultimately selecting the RS9116 Wi-Fi transceiver module to facilitate its wireless connectivity.

The RS9116 provides a comprehensive, multiprotocol, ultra-low-power solution, including Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth 5. The chip offers high throughput, extended range, and power-optimized performance and, when coupled with external host MCU, can also enable Matter, the newest open-source, next-gen protocol for smart homes.

Array developers were especially pleased with the resulting battery life they were able to achieve using the RS9116—more than doubling the previous industry offerings in battery life. Consumers using the Array Smart Lock can expect to recharge the lithium-polymer battery only every year with average use.

More Flexibility Without Sacrificing Security

Developers were also able to increase security features on the Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, thanks to available security key enclaves within the Silicon Labs chip, as well as the encoded busses in multiple locations on the chip, and software-level encryption. The chip’s small size supported the sleek footprint of the final smart lock, and with excellent power output, it didn’t need an additional power amplifier.

Finally, Array developers were especially pleased with the availability and responsiveness of the Silicon Labs support team, who understood their vision and pain points and prioritized communication with the Array team.

Array's Wi-Fi Smart Lock is Powerful and Secure, Out of the Box

The final result of the Array team’s innovative work was the Array Smart Lock which comes in two styles and three finishes, a small yet powerful device that is easy to install and allows users to connect their smart iOS or Android phone or tablet to lock and unlock their deadbolt from anywhere by utilizing their home’s Wi-Fi router.

These Wi-Fi-enabled features—paired with high-grade hardware production, easy installation, long-lasting battery life, and multiple access formats such as traditional key and keypad entry—set the Array Smart Lock apart as a superior choice for consumers wanting to make their home security system truly smart.

One of the best things about working with Silicon Labs is their responsiveness. No matter the time or the day, if we reached out to them, we knew we’d be getting a phone call or e-mail back within 24 hours. They saw our vision and understood our pain points, and they were there to partner with us.
Chasen Beck
Senior Electronics Engineer at Hampton

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