IoT Industry Leaders Dive Into the Future of Matter

05/19/2022 | Silicon Labs | 2 Min Read

The highly-anticipated Matter protocol has been a hot topic since its announcement last year, promising a new era of interoperability and seamless connectivity in the smart home. As solution providers like Silicon Labs begin rolling out Matter-enabled chips, IoT industry leaders are joining us for a webinar all about the future of Matter. Now one year after Matter was first revealed, panelists from Google, Amazon, CSA, DigiCert, Schneider Electric, Wemo and Silicon Labs will be discussing their plans with Matter and how they are managing the recent protocol delay to Fall 2022.

The panel is moderated by Stacey on IoT’s Stacey Higginbotham and will take place May 24 at 11 a.m. CT. Registration is open here.

So who are these panelists, and what unique perspectives will they bring to the discussion? Take a look:

Michele Turner, Senior Director, Smart Home Ecosystem, Google

Michele Turner has over 20 years of experience in high-tech product development and business management. As Sr. Director of the Smart Home Ecosystem for Google, she’s responsible for expanding the range of products within Google Home and the Google Assistant, and for developing richer experiences for consumers who use smart devices in their homes.

Chris DeCenzo, Senior Principal Software Development Engineer, Amazon 

Chris DeCenzo is a Principal Engineer at Amazon where he focuses on Smart Home for the Alexa Devices group. Prior to joining Amazon, Chris spent 9 years as the Chief Architect at Icontrol Technologies. Chris is an R&D professional with experience in the Connected Home, Internet of Things, Home Security, Cell Phone, and Interactive Television spaces.

Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing and Member Services, Connectivity Standards Alliance

As CSA’s Head of Marketing, Michelle works to promote the Alliance, their mission, standards and solutions, and drive growth and success of IoT. With 25+ years of industry and consulting experience, she brings a wealth of experience, perspectives, and a passion for the Alliance’s mission to build the foundation and the future of IoT.

Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security, Digicert

As VP of IoT Security at DigiCert, a leader in digital security, Mike oversees the company’s strategic IoT market development for critical infrastructure industries. Mike frequently consults with organizations, contributes to media reports, and speaks at industry conferences about cybersecurity. Mike’s passion for the industry stems from his personal experience as a Type 1 diabetic and his use of connected technology in his treatment.

Makarand Joshi, Global Director – IoT Strategy, Innovation and Standards, Schneider Electric

Makarand oversees IoT Strategy, Innovation and Standards, providing strategic IoT leadership across a range of Schneider Electric products spanning smart buildings, data centers, smart factories, electrical distribution and more.

Karl Jonsson, Senior Director of Product Management, Wemo

Karl took over the Product Management lead of Belkin International’s IoT and Wemo products in 2019. He has had strong influence on major standards bodies in the industry including TCLA, ZigBee, Z-Wave, IPSO, the Thread Alliance and most recently Matter, and has filed over 70 patents globally. Karl’s nearly three decades of industry experience include pioneering the world’s first wireless LED light bulb in his time at GreenWave Systems.

Rob Alexander, Principal Product Manager - Matter, Silicon Labs

Rob Alexander has worked on IoT devices, wireless protocols, and embedded devices for more than 15 years. Previously he worked as a Principal Architect at Silicon Labs working with various embedded software teams, customers, and partners, to integrate wireless stacks and applications into Silicon Labs hardware and software. Since 2013 Rob has served as the Chair of the Zigbee Pro Core Workgroup and also serves on the CSA Board of Directors and the Thread Group Board of Directors. 

Moderated by Stacey Higginbotham, Stacey on IoT

Stacey Higginbotham is one of the most well-known and respected reporters in the IoT industry. She has been covering technology for major publications for two decades, and she is an expert when it comes to the IoT and technology in general. Her publication, Stacey on IoT, produces a weekly podcast, newsletter and daily articles covering all aspects of the IoT.

As we get closer and closer to the Matter protocol being finalized in the Fall, you’re going to be hearing more and more from us and others about how this has the potential to truly revolutionize the smart home! Be sure to sign up and tune in at 11am Central on May 24 to hear what some of the biggest names in IoT have to say!  

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