Silicon Labs Named GSM Emerging Supplier of the Year at Cisco’s Supplier Appreciation Event

09/30/2022 | | 1 Min Read

In mid-September Cisco held its annual Supplier Appreciation Event (SAE), which celebrates the collective achievements and contributions of its most strategic supply chain partners and recognizes the suppliers and partners that executed exceptionally well across the supply chain. Attended by hundreds of component suppliers, manufacturing partners, logistics partners, and Cisco employees, Silicon Labs made its presence known, being awarded Cisco’s Emerging Supplier of the Year.

At a time when global supply chains are under immense pressure and relief is slow to come, as geopolitical implications, labor shortages, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, organizations and consumers worldwide are feeling the impact.

This award recognizes Silicon Labs for demonstrating excellence in all of Cisco’s core performance areas – quality, technology, flexibility, and productivity, and exceeding expectations to support the success of Cisco and its customers. Our market leading technology solutions, combined with our "white glove" approach and ability to drive consistent and stable supply, solidified Silicon Labs as Cisco’s Emerging Supplier of the year. 

Cisco recently closed out a strong fiscal year despite a myriad of ongoing pressures and global disruptions. Cisco is continuing to double down on its collaborative and strategic efforts focused on resiliency, security, and sustainability, thus leading to this year’s SAE theme, “Powering Growth Together.” With its partner and supplier network, Cisco is continuing to make significant investments in hybrid cloud, hybrid work, security, IoT, 5G, and Wi-Fi to deliver for its customers.

We’re incredibly honored to receive this award and look forward to continuing our support for Cisco. To learn more about how Silicon Labs can suport your supply needs, visit the Silicon Labs environmental sustainability page or reach out to me directly at

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