MSRP $11.10

CP2102N USBXpress Bridge Mini Development Kit

The CP2102N devices are highly integrated USB-to-UART bridge controllers in packages as small as 3 mm x 3 mm. These devices include a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller with integrated USB transceiver and clock, voltage regulator and Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) reducing BOM costs and simplifying the design.

MSRP $11.10


CP2102N Mini Development Kit Contents

  • CP2102N mini evaluation board
  • CP2102N mini evaluation kit starter card

Step 1: Download and install the virtual COM port drivers.

Silicon Labs’ direct access driver package can also be used with the CP2102N Mini EK.

Step 2: Connect the headers or test points on the CP2102N Mini EK board to your system

The included quick-start card provides information on each header and test point.

Step 3: Plug the USB cable into the CP2102N EK Mini board

The Direct Access Drivers are also available and provide a complete host and device software solution for interfacing CP210x USB to UART bridge

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