MSRP $39.96

CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I²C Bridge Development Kit

The CP2112EK evaluation kit allows a complete evaluation and customization of the CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I2C Bridge, including all GPIO functions, transmit LEDs, receive LEDs and clock output. A USB cable, Windows®, and Mac® application examples and full documentation are included.

CP2112 software package provides documentation, programming examples and customization utilities for the CP2112 family. The Silicon Labs HID USB-to-SMBus interface library provides a simple API to configure and operate CP2112 devices. The library provides an interface abstraction so that users can develop their application at a higher level than the USB HID layer. This HID USB-to-SMBus library is a Windows DLL implementation of the CP2112 interface specification.

MSRP $39.96


CP2112 Development Kit Features

  • CP2112 evaluation board
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • CP21xx kit DVD

Step 1: Get Started with the Quick Start Guide

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