MSRP $79.99

EFM32PG23 Pro Kit

The PG23 Pro Kit is an ideal starting point for application development on the EFM32PG23 Microcontrollers. The board features sensors and peripherals, demonstrating some of the many capabilities of the EFM32PG23 Microcontroller. Additionally, the board is a fully-featured debugger and energy monitoring tool that can be used with external applications.

MSRP $79.99


Target Device

  • EFM32PG23 microcontroller
  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M33
  • 512 kB flash and 64 kB RAM

Kit Contents

  • 1x PG23 Pro Kit board

Key Features

  • USB connectivity
  • Advanced Energy Monitor (AEM)
  • SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger
  • Debug multiplexer supporting external hardware as well as on-board MCU
  • 4x10 segment LCD
  • User LEDs and push buttons
  • Silicon Labs' Si7021 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • SMA connector for IADC demonstration
  • Inductive LC sensor
  • 20-pin 2.54 mm header for expansion boards
  • Breakout pads for direct access to I/O pins
  • Power sources include USB and CR2032 coin cell battery


  • Simplicity Studio 5
  • Sample Apps

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

Step 2: Plugin Your Kit and Use Simplicity Studio to Install the desired SDKs

After plugging in your kit, launch Simplicity Studio and Open Package Manager in the left upper corner (green downward arrow under the menu bar). Select the 32-bit MCU SDK and download it. Visit the package manager regularly for updates.

  • 32-bit MCU SDK
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