MSRP $29.00

C8051F99x Capacitive Touch Slider Development Kit

The C8051F99x MCUs combine the industry-leading low power technology of the C8051F99x family with the fast and accurate capacitive touch sensing features of the patent-pending capacitance to digital converter (CDC). Silicon Labs' F990SliderEK Evaluation Kit is a battery-powered capacitive sensing slider board that can be used to demonstrate several key features of the C8051F99x ultra-low-power microcontroller:

  • Wake-on-slide – No off switch! Ultra-low-power wake-on-touch.
  • Slider control – Allows multiple capacitive sensing pads to be bound together to form a slider control.
  • Gesture recognition – Events enable the ability to detect gestures, such as a “pinch”, on the slider. In this system, the “pinch” gesture is used to switch amongst different modes: slider demo, battery meter, and LED dimmer.
  • Battery meter – Using the C8051F990’s 12-bit ADC, the system is able to measure the battery voltage and displays the remaining voltage level.
  • LED dimmer – The system dynamically reduces LED power consumption by driving the LEDs with a PWM signal. Taking advantage of the fast 2 μs wake-up time, the MCU can efficiently wake up from sleep, adjust the state of the LED, and go back to sleep.
  • Tiny layout with few discrete components – Save the cost of crystal, resistors, capacitors, and board space.

MSRP $29.00


The F990SliderEK includes:

  • F990Slider-EB demonstration board with battery
  • F990SliderEK Quick Start Guide

The F990SliderEK Download Package includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • User’s Guide
  • Schematic
  • Printed-circuit board files
  • Firmware

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