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Phone: +49 781 127 858 0
Headquarters: Offenburg, Germany
Regions Served:
AITAD GmbH is a German embedded-ai solutions provider. It researches, develops and produces system compo-nents for the fields of user interaction, predictive maintenance and functional innovation. It has a full-stack devel-opment team with embedded hardware/software engineers, data scientists and mechanical engineers and its on-side production, training servers and testing laboratory. Due to internal processes and own predeveloped powerful machine learning models, prototypes and proof-of concepts are done very fast, typically in 3-6 month from data acquisition to the produced custom component. AITAD is customer-centered partner, which brings all the work-force and know-how into your project and can work in parallel on-side, no matter if it is a normal Silicon Labs MCU/sensor for speech/person recognition project or a low-energy ultrasonic/spectrography/infrared wireless-module.

Key Services

  • Firmware Development
  • Hardware Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Module Manufacturing and Supply
  • Programming Service
  • RF Design
  • Software Development
  • Testing Service

Supported Product Categories

  • 32-bit MCUs
  • 8-bit MCUs
  • Biometric Sensors
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Wi-Fi

Supported Solutions

  • Home & Life
    • Smart Home|Sensors
  • Industrial & Commercial
    • Industrial IoT
      • Direction Finding
      • Loss Prevention
      • Metering
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