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Kudelski IoT

Phone: +41 21 732 01 01
Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
Regions Served:
Asia Pacific
Central & South America
North America
Kudelski IoT is a leader in security with 30+ years of expertise in building secure solutions with key management technology and embedded security. We have a full offer to device manufacturers and solution owners to help them with secure product design and services to maintain the security of an IoT solution over a long period. This includes lab services such as threat analysis and risk assessment, architecture review and design, evaluation, and pre-certification. With Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, customers can manage the device lifecycle and enjoy a chip-to-cloud experience based on Silicon Labs Secure Vault. As a result, Kudelski IoT fully supports creating secure and sustainable products that protect new business models, corporate reputation, and regulatory compliance.

Supported Solutions

  • Home & Life
    • Medical|Portable Medical
      • Wearables
      • Door Locks
      • LED Bulbs
      • Sensors
      • Switches
  • Industrial & Commercial
    • Retail|Commercial Lighting Retail
      • Direction Finding
      • Metering
      • Smart Buildings
      • Street Lighting
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