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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, San Francisco, CA
Regions Served:
Asia Pacific
Central & South America
North America
Memfault is the first cloud-based observability platform purpose-built for IoT devices that brings the flexibility, speed, and innovation of software development to hardware development. With Memfault, developers can remotely debug issues, deploy OTA firmware updates, and continuously monitor fleets of connected devices at scale. By pairing crash-reporting and metrics collection tools with firmware update and configuration management capabilities, developers can proactively monitor and manage device operations, from development to feature updates in production, from one cohesive interface. Consumer electronics, industrial automation, and IoT businesses across all industries rely on Memfault to deliver better products faster, without compromising stability and reliability, that improve over time. Memfault supports 32-bit Silicon Labs microcontrollers (MCUs), including the EFR32 and EFM32.

Supported Solutions

  • Home & Life
    • Medical
    • Smart Home
  • Industrial & Commercial
    • Industrial IoT|Building Automation
      • Metering
      • Smart Cities Asset Tracking
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