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Neuton AI

Phone: +1 650.943.2415
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Regions Served:
Asia Pacific
Central & South America
North America
Neuton is a no-code Tiny AutoML platform empowering anyone to automatically build extremely compact and accurate models and natively embed them into 8, 16 and 32-bit MCU’s. Resulting models are typically 10x’s smaller in size and have 10x’s faster inference in comparison to other comparative products. Additionally, by offering a highly automated and transparent pipeline Neuton improves and streamlines the customer experience and time to market.

Key Services

  • Cloud Services
  • Firmware Development
  • Programming Service
  • RTOS
  • Software Development

Supported Product Categories

  • 32-bit MCUs
  • 8-bit MCUs
  • Biometric Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors

Supported Solutions

  • Home & Life
    • Smart Home|Door Locks
      • Sensors
      • Switches
  • Industrial & Commercial
    • Industrial IoT|Building Automation
      • Commercial Lighting Retail
      • Electronic Shelf Labels
      • Loss Prevention
      • Metering
      • Street Lighting
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