SiM3L1xx 32-bit MCU Development Kit


The SiM3L1xx MCU card enables application development on the SiM3L1xx MCUs. The card connects to the MCU card expansion slot on the UDP motherboard and provides complete access to the MCU resources. Each expansion board has a unique ID that can be read out of an EEPROM or MCU on the board, which enables software tools to recognize the connected hardware and automatically select the appropriate firmware image. The target MCU card can also be detached from the UDP and used alone as a development or demonstration tool. 

SiM3L1xx-B-DK Precision32 Development Kit Includes

  • SiM3L1xx MCU Card
  • 32-bit USB debug adapter
  • USB cable
  • USB cable (mini)
  • Wall mounted universal power supply
  • UDP Development Kit Quick Start Guide
  • Precision32 Development Suite:
    • Precision32 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • Precision32 AppBuilder Rapid Prototyping Utility
    • Si32 SDK (HAL, Software Libraries and Development Kit Utilities)

SiM3L1xx Development Kit Resources

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Precision32™ Development Suite

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