MCU University Starter Kit


The ToolStick University Starter Kit is a complete development platform for MCUniversity course lab exercises. The ToolStick base adapter provides a USB debug interface and data communications path between a Windows PC and the C8051F020 microcontroller. The base adapter is powered from the USB port and also provides power to the University Daughter Card. The C8051F020 microcontroller and application circuitry are located on the daughter card. This kit also inclues the Embedded Programmking Textbook to accompany the course material.

MCU University Starter Kit Contents

  • ToolStick base adapter
  • ToolStick University Daughter Card
  • 3-foot USB extension cable
  • Embedded Programming Textbook

MCU University Starter Kit Resources

ToolStick University Starter Kit User's Guide

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AN333: ToolStick Virtual Tools User's Guide

The ToolStick Virtual Tools software replaces the need for expensive lab equipment like an oscilloscope. The software provides both a virtual LCD and a virtual oscilloscope.

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