Bluegiga Bluetooth® Smart Software Stack

Bluegiga's Bluetooth Smart Software is a complete Bluetooth Smart software stack for Bluegiga's Bluetooth Smart products, such as BLE112BLE113 and BLED112. The software implements the Bluetooth Smart complete protocol layers, such as Attribute Protocol (ATT), Generic Attribute Profile (GATT), Generic Access Profile (GAP), Security Manager, and connection management. The Bluetooth Smart Software also contains a complete SDK for developing Bluetooth Smart applications using either a host (a low power MCU) or fully standalone applications through a simple scripting language called BGScript™. Several profiles and examples are also offered as part of the Bluetooth Smart Software, in order to easily develop the Bluetooth Smart compatible end products.

Key Benefits

  • A fully embedded Bluetooth Smart stack implementing client and master modes
  • Built-in L2CAP, ATT, GATT and Security Manager
  • Up to eight simultaneous connections in master mode
  • 100+ kbps throughput
  • Over-the-Air firmware upgrade
  • Simple and low overhead BGAPI™ protocol over UART or USB
  • Standalone applications can be created with Bluegiga BGScript™ and free-of-charge SDK
  • Standalone applications can be created with ANSI C and IAR Embedded Workbench SDK
  • Bluegiga Profile Toolkit™ for simple development of GATT-based profiles


Bluetooth Features:

  • Bluetooth Smart (low energy) support
  • L2CAP, ATT, GATT, GAP and Security Manager
  • Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • Client and master mode
  • Up to eight connections in master mode
  • 100 kbps+ throughput


  • Bluetooth

Software APIs:

  • Binary-based BGAPI host protocol over UART or USB
  • BGLibTM host library which implements BGAPI protocol
  • Bluegiga BGScript programming language for standalone application
  • sANSI C programming APIs for standalone applications
  • Bluegiga Profile Toolkit for developing Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • XML-based Profile Toolkit for building GATT-based profiles

Software SDK:

  • The free-of-charge SDK contains:
  • BGScript programming tools
  • BGScript compiler BGLib source code and examples
  • BGScript examples
  • GATT profiles examples
  • iOS example applications and source code
  • Documentation
  • PC tools
  • 3rd party commercial SDK for C Development
  • Enables standalone app development with C

Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart Documentation

View all documentation for the Bluegiga Bluetooth low energy modules and software.


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