Wireless M-Bus Software

Wireless M-Bus is the European standard for wireless meter communication with gas, electric, water and heat meters (EN 13757). The Silicon Labs wireless M-Bus software and stack provide:

  • Fully compliant wireless M-Bus protocol stack
  • Worldwide wireless M-Bus support with modes and configurations
    • 868 MHz modes S1, S1-m, S2, T1, T2, C1, C2
    • 169 MHz modes N1, N2 (a-g)
  • Core stack functionality in binary/object code using IAR compiler for EFM32 MCU
  • API access at the application layer or data link layer
  • Open HAL for easy porting between MCU configurations
  • Highly modular architecture for optimized memory requirements
  • Optional serial command interface for external host processor control
  • Optimized system performance features such as MCU AES hardware and ultra-fast preamble detection

Wireless M-Bus Development Kits and Software

Silicon Labs' EZR32 Sub-GHz 32-bit Wireless MCU includes our world-class EZRadioPRO RF transceiver and energy-friendly EFM32 32-bit Wonder Gecko MCU for a small, integrated solution. Customers can also use a standalone EZRadioPRO transceiver and EFM32 32-bit Wonder Gecko MCU for designs that require additional MCU functionality, memory or I/O requirements.

The M-Bus stack, configuration tools and application development environment are provided in the Wireless M-Bus Software. The core stack functionality is provided in binary/object code format for EFM32 MCUs using an IAR compiler. For 2-chip solutions or advanced RF evaluation, use the Wireless Development Suite with the wireless M-Bus software. For additional EFM32 MCU development, use Simplicity Studio with the wireless M-Bus software. Simplicity Studio supports MCU development in both EZR32 and standalone EFM32 products. All code developed for the EZR32 is portable to other members of the EFM32 Gecko family. Silicon Labs wireless M-bus development kits and software consist of two wireless starter kit mainboards and two plug-in EZR32 Wireless MCU radio boards.

Kit Name Orderable Part Number User Guide Frequency (MHz) Output Power (dBm) Included Device Price (USD) Add to Cart
EZR32 Wonder Gecko 868 MHz Wireless MCU Starter Kit SLWSTK6220A 868 + 13 EZR32WG330FG60G $299 868 MHz EZR32 SLWSTK6220A Starter Kit
EZR32 Wonder Gecko 169 MHz Wireless MCU Starter Kit SLWSTK6224A 169 + 20 EZR32WG330FG63G $299 169 MHz EZR32 SLWSTK6224A Starter Kit
Software Description
Wireless M-Bus Software and Tools Development and evaluation environment for wireless M-Bus stack, mode configurations and applications.
Simplicity Studio Development and evaluation environment for standalone EFM32 MCU configurations and for EZR32 MCU development. Use in conjunction with Wireless M-Bus Software.
Wireless Development Suite Development and evaluation environment for standalone EZRadioPRO configurations. Use in conjunction with Wireless M-Bus Software.

Wireless M-Bus Partners

Silicon Labs has partnered with STACKFORCE, an embedded connectivity company to develop the above referenced Wireless M-Bus software solution. STACKFORCE has several years of experience in the Wireless M-Bus space and offers custom development, support, test and verification services upon request.

Wireless M-Bus Documentation

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