Si1120 Infrared Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor

Si1120 sensors are high-sensitivity active infrared proximity and ambient light sensor ICs, enabling innovative touchless human interface applications with ultra-low power advantages.

The high-sensitivity infrared photodiode provides a single-pulse infrared proximity measurement, offering customers an opportunity to implement a proximity and ambient light sensor with ultra-low power levels. Consisting of an infrared LED driver, an infrared photodiode, an ambient light sensor and control logic, the device is packaged in a 3x3 mm clear DFN.

PWM output

Si1120 Optical Sensor Common Specs

  • PWM output
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Seven precision optical measurement modes:
    • 3 proximity ranges
    • 3 dc ambient light sensing ranges
    • 1 calibration mode
  • Low-noise ambient cancelling circuit allows maximum sensitivity with 8–12 bit resolution 
  • Works in direct sunlight (100 klux)
  • Minimum reflectance sensitivity <1 μW/cm2
  • High EMI immunity without shielded packaging
  • Power supply: 2.2–3.7 V
  • Operating temperature range: –40 to +85 °C
  • Typical 10 μA current consumption
  • Programmable 400/50 mA LED constant current driver output
  • Allows independent LED supply voltage


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Proximity + ambient light sensor 1 Motion Sensing PWM DFN8 3x3

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