APP-103: Mobile App Development for IoT

Tune in for the ABCs of IoT mobile app development.


Because today the smartphone is the go-to user interface that we all employ to connect and communicate with our IoT devices, mobile apps play a fundamental role within the IoT space.

Creating a companion mobile app for your IoT device is oftentimes a necessity, but will undoubtedly also boost the usability and the UX of the end product. Therefore, care must be taken to deliver a high-quality mobile app that makes the IoT device + mobile app package more attractive for the end-user.

Silicon Labs’ Product Managers, Michael Norman and Tiago Monte, are joined by Piotr Sarna, a Senior Software Engineer at Comarch.

In this session, they look at some example use cases for IoT mobile apps, as well the most important aspects to take into consideration when developing one yourself.


45 Minutes


Michael Norman

Senior Product Manager
Silicon Labs


Tiago Monte

Product Manager, IoT Developer Experience & Tools
Silicon Labs

Piotr Sarna

Senior Software Engineer

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