APP-104: Harvesting Thermal Energy To Power Asset Monitors in a Factory

Learn how to overcome battery limitations through harvesting thermal energy to unleash the power of wireless asset monitors.


Silicon Labs' partner, Matrix Industries, demonstrates their solution that harvests thermal energy to power asset monitors in a factory - eliminating the need for a battery replacement!

Wireless asset monitors for sensing, tracking, and reporting are enabling many new services and improving business performance. These asset monitors that are attached to motors and pumps, associated with cold storage, adhered to boilers, HVAC, or backup generators, and connected to hot pipes collect data and can make decisions about the conditions.

However, a limiting factor for growth in the Industrial and Building Automation markets is short battery life. Batteries need periodic replacement or recharging to reach their 10-year life expectancy. This presents a steep hurdle for widespread adoption in industrial and commercial facilities where maintenance cost is a critical factor - let alone the environmental implications of battery disposal!

Combining the low power of Silicon Lab’s BG22 SoC with a thermal energy harvesting solution is arguably the way to go. Matrix Industries presents their solution, which uses the temperature difference between the asset that it is connected to and the surrounding air to generate enough energy to eliminate the need for battery replacement.

Watch this presentation and be inspired by Matrix Industries as they introduce their design and selection concepts and show how to power the BG22 Thunderboard with an actual working demonstration. Pure wizardry.


45 Minutes


Paul Daigle

Industrial Automation Product Manager
Silicon Labs


Douglas Tham

Co-founder and CTO 
Matrix Industries

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