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Bluetooth 140 - BLE Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor

This training gives an overview of a BLE health monitoring application, Pulse Oximeter. It has a hardware discussion featuring the BGM220P modules on Silicon Labs BGM220P explorer board for BLE connectivity and the MAXIM86161 biometric sensor for HRM/Sp02 measurements. Finally, there is a software review and code walkthrough using development tools for quick prototyping.


  • General description of the project 
  • Technical Overview – Hardware
    • BLE Module – BGM220P
      • Memory Constraint
    • Biometric Sensor – MAXIM86161
      • The technology behind HRM/SpO2 measurements
  • Technical Overview – Software
    • Embedded Software Architecture
      • Sensor driver
      • HRM/SpO2 algorithm
      • BLE application
    • EFR Connect Mobile Application
  • Lab
    • Import and Build the Project 
    • Code Walkthrough
    • Run the Demo
      • Demonstrate basic operations and expected results

Knowledge Level:



Lab Procedure

BLE Pulse Oximeter Lab

Hardware Required

Software Required

  • Simplicity Studio v5
  • Gecko SDK Suite v3.2.0 or later
  • Bluetooth SDK v3.2.0 or later
  • EFR Connect Mobile App



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