CSA-101: Introduction to CSA, Its Market and the Alliance

Members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance discuss the consortium’s ongoing initiatives aimed at building a better, more connected world.


The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) was born of necessity – a recognized need to evolve universal standards for IoT solutions - and has developed into a thriving, far-reaching global membership. It is the home of the long-time leading IoT standard, Zigbee, and also of Matter, the IP-based standard poised to deliver new levels of IoT interoperability.

In this session, we review the CSA’s ongoing initiatives and technologies. We share insight on what is next for the Alliance, why Matter is the apple of their eye, and how you can become a member and join forces with the world’s most innovative companies to raise the bar for IoT.

Interested in learning more? Check out our four-part training program to get better acquainted with Matter, the protocol aiming to simplify the Smart Home: Works With 2021: A Lowdown on the Matter Protocol


45 Minute Presentation


Sylvain Cormier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Silicon Labs


Michelle Mindala-Freeman

Head of Marketing
Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)

Chris LaPre

Head of Technology
Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)

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