Digital Initiatives in Connected Health – Works With 2023

The Works With 2023 Digital Initiatives in Connected Health Panel covers advancements and design considerations for developing connected medical devices.

About This Keynote

Connected health devices, from continuous glucose monitors to pulse oximeters, and even fitness wearables are making it possible for caregivers to simplify the diagnosis, management, and treatment of illnesses. Through connectivity, these devices make healthcare more accessible and improve lives around the world. But regulatory requirements, security considerations, and the need for high quality user experience presents unique design challenges. In this panel, we cover the practical design considerations of developing connected medical devices and discuss the advancements being made in real-world treatments, tools, and therapies.


Noah Hill 
CTO and Co-Founder Lura Health

Geoff Wylde 
Head of B2B and Business Development
Oura Ring

Arash Harzand 
Co-Director and Chief Health Advisor for Digital Health
US Department of Veterans Affairs


Jennifer Goldsack 
Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)


50 Minutes

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