Tech Talks - Future-proofing Your Design for Project Connected Home over IP

Project Connected Home Over IP aims to simplify device development and increase compatibility for consumers. Learn how to future-proof your design today.

About This Tech Talk

Watch our on-demand Tech Talks presentation on future-proofing your design for Project Connected Home Over IP. In this session, Mark Hallam, our senior field applications engineer, introduces Project Connected Home Over IP, reviews participating companies, and shares the steps to building devices now that can be future-proofed through secure over the air updates. You can view the accompanying slides and Q&A's recorded during our live session below. 

*The Friends of Hue program by Signify, mentioned in the video and slides is no longer active.


Mark Hallam
Senior Field Applications Engineer
Silicon Labs


30 Minute Presentation

15 Minute Q&A

*As of 5/11/2021 Project Connected Home over IP is now Matter. Learn more about Matter.

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