Transforming HMIs in Industrial Devices Using Bluetooth

In this webinar, you'll learn how to transform HMIs in industrial devices using Bluetooth, and how wireless HMIs can improve future-proofing, security, and reliability.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, Mikko Niemi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Parker Dorris, Sr. Product Manager (in English), and Aki Mizutani (in Japanese), discussed how modern, wireless technologies are changing the game for industrial products that have typically been limited and faced design challenges. They walked through the advantages of wireless technologies, with a focus on Bluetooth, and how it can improve future-proofing, security and reliability. Learn how to simplify your Bluetooth design with preprogrammed modules and about Silicon Labs' latest Xpress module.

Speakers (English)

Mikko Niemi
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Silicon Labs

Parker Dorris
Senior Product Manager 
Silicon Labs

Speaker (Japanese)

Aki Mizutani
Senior Field Applications Engineer / IoT Professional
Silicon Labs


45 Minute Presentation with Q&A

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