WIR-PNL: Are We There Yet? Driving the Future of IoT

Hear what key IoT alliance leaders have to say on the matter.


Where is the IoT market headed, and how best to capitalize on future opportunities? Key IoT alliance leaders weigh in on the debate.

Silicon Labs’ Mitchell Klein is joined by Stuart Sikes, SVP at Interpret, Phil Beecher, President of the Wi-SUN Alliance, Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing at the Connectivity Standards Alliance and Ken Kolderup, VP of Marketing at Bluetooth SIG.

As the landscape for IoT continues to change at an ever-accelerating pace, IoT alliances play a crucial role in the development of technology standards driving the market.  What does this mean for today’s developers? How can they participate in these wireless IoT alliances and help steer the standards in the right direction to influence innovation?  

Watch this lively discussion as they discuss where the market is going, determine the biggest hurdles to overcome and ponder the greatest opportunities to be seized.


1 Hour Presentation


Stuart Sikes



Phil Beecher

Wi-Sun Alliance

Mitchell Klein

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Silicon Labs

Michelle Mindala - Freeman

Head of Marketing
Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)

Ken Kolderup

Vice President of Marketing
Bluetooth SIG

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