Curriculum (Series)

Works With 2020: CHIP Development with Thread & the Google Ecosystem

In this training, experts from Google discuss on Google ecosystem and introduce the CHIP development with OpenThread.


This course will introduce engineers to developing IoT products that connect to the Google Ecosystem. The introduction will provide attendees with a holistic overview of the Google Ecosystem and how it will use the CHIP standard to connect devices.

CHIP and Thread:

  • As a firmware developer, what are the key things I should know about Thread in the context of CHIP?
  • Multiple protocols supported by CHIP
  • Benefits of Thread
  • How Thread plays in a chip environment
  • Network topology

CHIP Example Applications on the SiLabs Platform

  • Example applications run on the Silicon Labs platformCHIP Example apps currently available
  • Anatomy of a CHIP application
  • CHIP and Silicon Labs hardware
  • How to build and run the chip example apps on the Silicon Labs platform

CHIP and the Google Ecosystem

  • Integration with the Google ecosystem can go a long way to delight your customers
  • LocalHome SDK Overview (as it currently exists)
  • How LHSDK will be evolving for the CHIP world
  • Demo of example apps running on Silicon Labs platform and integrated with the Google ecosystem
  • Monitoring, debugging, logging

*As of 5/11/2021 Project Connected Home over IP is now Matter. Learn more about Matter.

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