Curriculum (Series)

Works With 2020: How to Build a Smart Door Lock

This training shows how to build a smart door lock utilizing facial recognition and fingerprint ID by demo-ing the OpenWeave Door Lock reference platform.


New smart home and smart space applications like vacation rentals, grocery delivery, dog walking services and package delivery are growing in demand enabling services when the individual is not even there. With that growth also comes the increased concerns surrounding safety and only letting truly authorized access and entry. This is complicated by different requirements in different applications.

This course will demonstrate the OpenWeave Door Lock reference platform that is modular so that you can implement a dual or multi-authentication scheme using a variety of inputs and sensors. We will demonstrate some of the most popular methods including facial recognition, finger print ID, mobile applications and manual key pad entry powered by the OpenWeave Door Lock Reference Kit based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 Development kit (Zigbee, Thread, BLE) and RS9116W-DB00-CC1 Development kit (Wi-Fi).

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