Curriculum (Series)

Works With 2020: How to Build a Smart LED Bulb

How do you build a smart LED bulb? This tutorial will cover requirements, how to choose wireless protocols, and how to get started.


Smart connected lighting adds wireless connectivity and networking capabilities to LED bulbs, creating opportunities to add more functionality than simply turning lights on and off.

Integrating LED bulbs into a smart home ecosystem allows the user to introduce automation such as proximity sensing, triggering smart lights to automatically illuminate hallways and rooms at night as you move through a house or building, or timing with a bedside lighting that gradually wakes you up in the morning. Smartphone apps or voice assistants can be used to change color temperature and set scenes.

This session will provide an overview of the different components of a modern smart connected LED bulb.  It will provide insights into the industry norms and requirements and as well as a discussion on selecting from the different connectivity protocols, concluding with guidance on the next steps and how to get started.

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